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By Emma Akpabio

Like a branch bumped into a swirling tsunami, Senatorial District Survey Ikot Ekpene's Senate poll 2019 seems to be failing some electorate, nay, it's plagued by indecision over the party or individual's choice.

The leading candidates are Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio (former Governor of Akwa Ibom State) and Obong Engr. Chris Ekpenyong (one-time deputy governor). Chef Akpabio, the serving senator of the region, has recently been passed over with the won mandate PDP to the APCand fight for a second term.

Before being passed over to the largest opposition party in the state, Akpabio was the cheerleader of PDP, a kingpin, a kingmaker who monopolized about 90% of the political structure with unsurpassed supporters throughout the state. In his unimaginable overflow, many adherents were unenthusiastic in their loyalty to the cause of Akpabio because their main reasons for the overflow, as shown by the cheerful giver, remain unconvincing to them.

However, it remains undeniable that the shocks of Drs. Akpabio's attack on the state's main opposition party has influenced and destabilized the PDP's plans. It has also caused some emotional trauma in the hearts of the Electors, hence the indecision in the minds of many, even to this day.

It is noteworthy, however, that Akpabio's rise as a senator in 2015 was against the contradictions and the conventional zoning agreement, but his victory was made possible by the effort and consensus of the "kingmakers" and political juggernauts of the region. This decision of the elders made Akpabio indirectly the political "demi-god" of the time.

It should also be noted that only political spectators, rumors, novices and spectators would undermine Ukarakpa's political ability and ability – the PDP candidate who was instrumental in the district's political decisions, even before Senator Akpabio became commissioner in 2002 came into the political picture of the region. Real politicians know that nobody should be underestimated. Because of these facts, the former deputy governor of the state of Akwa Ibom for his main opponent – Senator Akpabio – not (as many people suspect) a walk.

Independent polls show that the majority of electors in the region still remain loyal to the PDP. Apart from that, only a negligible percentage of political kingpins and decision makers in the district have been transferred to the APC with the former governor. On this basis, it is not hurry to conclude that if the election of the senatorial circle is conducted freely and fairly, Engr Ekpenyong will have greater chances of winning than Senator Akpabio.

In the deepest part of the analysis, Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District has 8 LGAs for Annang Speakers and 2 LGAs for Ibibio, which make up a total of 10 Local Government Areas.

Starting from Oruk Anam the largest LGA in the state and Ukanafun her next neighbor. Apart from the fact that Senator Akpabio has completely neglected these areas for eight years as governor, all active and relevant political bigwigs in the region are still in PDP. While the few elders in APC have bad records of poor performance over the years, they are completely disconnected from people or have lost relevance and popularity, even in their villages.

Historical, AbakEtim Ekpo / Ika Federal constituency is still the only federal constituency that has not tasted the senatorial seat, from the four constituencies that make up the Senatorial district Ikot Ekpene. The federal constituency of Ukanafun / Oruk Anam was handed over to Ikot Ekpene, constituency of Essien Udim / Obot Akara, the constituency of Ini / Ikono took over for 8 years. When it came in 2015, the Abak constituency, the people were tricked and eventually retired, causing the Senator seat to Essien Udim returned. Will these people be happy to coordinate the forces that made their turn in 2015? In addition, Abak / Etim Ekpo, Ika can not be likened to Essien Udim alone as far as the projects carried out in the eight years of the previous government before Gov Udom.

In the Ibibio-speaking areas of the district, there are strong indications that the local government districts of Ini and Ikono may play tribal emotions in the matter. In this case, Gov Udom Emmanuel and the PDPs remain most important to their interest.

These two local government districts have a significant economic path under Governor Emmanuel for the first time. Even if a native of the Senatorial District had government resources under control for eight years, they were not remembered. This neglect remains fresh in her memories.

In the federal constituency of Ikot Ekpene concentration was always in Essien Udim (albeit in some parts) and in a small area of ​​Ikot Ekpene LGA. As in many federal constituencies, all political leaders in the PDP are still intact, with the exception of some who have left the PDP for personal reasons or for fear of the unknown.

For young people, wherever Annang youths gathered for political analysis, it has always been claimed that the APC candidate had developed more Ibibio youth than the Annang youth during his reign as head of state. This is another point that causes anger in their minds and may reflect during the 2019 polls.

The 2019 competition, therefore, will not be between Godswill Akpabio and Chris Ekpenyong per se, but between Godswill and the disadvantaged youth, the neglected areas, and many other political elites who represent the same position as the district's most influential political leader.

The duo, which are the main candidates for the headquarters of the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, are men who were previously given the opportunity to lead the people. Therefore, the forthcoming election in the region will be a serious test of the history and time reimbursement.

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