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From time immemorial, humanity is trying to look into the future. After all, it is this time period that contains the most sacred and mystical, and, moreover, it contains the clue of the meaning of life.

And what, actually, humanity itself has done for this? In practice, it turns out that all forecasts that have a logical (scientific), near-scientific (psychological or astrological) and mystical (religious or occult) nature are not only hypothetical, but for the most part are just a guess. However, it is possible and even necessary to lift the veil of the mystery of the times. At least within the limits that can motivate humanity to the orientation of its main resources, based on the degree of expediency.

So, always and in everything you need to proceed exclusively from rationality or logic. It is the logical principle laid the basis of the conscious function of man. And it is the conscious function that is the creative beginning of the evolution of the Universe. And the entire legislative initiative of the universe relies only on logic. That is, there are no other dimensions where irrationality prevails over rationality, because chaos of fundamental matter (ideal chaos) is the prime cause of being, but by no means the basis of the process of creation.

But it is not worthwhile now to dive into those depths of the universe that should be considered separately from the current topic. So, the space-time aspect of the Universe implies a connection of omnipresent matter in all its diversity and quantitative representation. That is why not only space is subject to logical analysis, but also time. And here lies the mechanism of the “review of the future.” And immediately make a reservation. There is no fatality of the process, since the creative ability of a conscious function implies not just perfect obedience to the laws of being, but also the introduction into this process of conscious elements of creativity, which create this variety of interconnections of matter.

Due to the fact that the time aspect has a clear and logical nature of the relationship with matter, the fact that there is a “future” in the “present” and even “past” follows. That is, the effect of time on matter is subject to logic, which in turn allows us to evaluate the qualities of matter in any interval of time. Moreover, the conscious function itself can “anchor” at any point in time and track those consequences that have become possible due to the preceding reasons.

Summing up the above, the most important thing is to clarify that the future is already “living” and can be “seen” and even “recorded” as a video.

So it turns out that time travel for trained people may be not so much speculative as stating facts. For those who are interested in some of the facts of the coming year, it is proposed to fix the following in my head.

1) There will not be a world war in 2019 (by the way, it will not be for a long time);

2) Attempts to create “artificial intelligence” will continue, but the implementation of this project is also very far from the present time, which is primarily due not so much to the technological level as to the collective mentality of the current society;

3) Ukraine will indeed be divided into five parts, of which three will be pro-Russian, one neutral, and one will become a NATO springboard;

4) Russia's influence on the world community will increase, and the US role in the global economy and politics will decrease;

5) China will become already recognized by all the leading world economies;

6) Russia will have not only the best missile in the world, its role as a military power will become a priority both in space and on a strategic planetary scale (a large area of ​​the Earth will be controlled by Russian arms);

7) The myth of the existence of alien life on the Moon and in general within the Solar System today will be completely dispelled, since it is on Earth that unconditional evidence will be found of the presence of more advanced carriers of conscious function. And they are not plasma or other inorganic origin material objects, namely, androids. These entities are those legendary representatives of the supernatural world who for a long time controlled the entire process of human development. And unequivocal evidence of the presence of the Universal Hierarchy will be presented;

8) Humanity will overestimate all the temporal norms of its civilization. It turns out that there are no billions and trillions of years of the formation of star and planetary formations, and our understanding of the universe does not fully correspond to the actual nature of the universe. Fundamental matter will be recognized not just as a chaotic formation, but as an ideal chaos, on the basis of which a careful construction of various models of the universe takes place;

9) Humanity will start creating basic conditions for cosmopolitan processes. The First Constitution of the Earth will be created and the principles of the formation of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, the Financial System, etc., will be spelled out;

10) The foundation stone of the underground city will be laid within the framework of the “Ark of the Apocalypse” social program. In addition, scientists around the world will find an opportunity to stop the deviation of the magnetic axis of the Earth from its geographical counterpart.

By the way, there are really a lot of points, so we had to dwell on the most global ones, of which there was absolutely a decade, which can be considered a really ideal quantity by the decimal system.

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