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At the beginning of the year, VW held a Golf 8 Supplier Summit when it published quite vaguely Preliminary sketch a short three-door silhouette of the new Golf. For the Volkswagen Brand Annual Session at home in Wolfsburg organized this week, the presentation presented a slightly larger sketch describing the company's 2019 product roadmap.

Known as the "benchmark and icon of compact cars", the Golf will transition to its eighth generation in the second half of the year, based on a presentation of core brand highlights for 2019. We already know that production is set to begin in June, but in Considering the golf appears on this timeline towards the end of the year. This probably means that customer supply in Europe will not start until the third quarter.

Volkswagen Brand Annual Meeting 2018
Volkswagen Brand Annual Meeting 2018

Early next year will be a long derivative of the smallest crossover of VW, the T-Crossbut only in China and Brazil. The model attack in the People's Republic is then continued with electric versions of the sedans Lavida and Bora, followed by the E-Golf and the Polo.

Now we come to perhaps the most interesting part of the timeline, since the second half of the year Passat intended for Europe and Brazil as well as another Passat for the United States. The former is most likely a facelifted version of the mid-size sedan and the current generation car – as seen by many espionage already. But why is there a second Passat only for the US? Logic tells us that it will be different than the Euromodel. So there are only two options: Either it is a version for the US market or the car has a lot in common with the US Passat for Chinese species started a few months ago.

The two remaining highlights during the Volkswagen Brand Annual Session 2018 were the T-Roc convertible At about the same time as the Golf 8 come on the market, the series maturity of the electric ID hatch end of 2018 appear.

In the further course of the US market will receive a medium-sized five-seater SUV and a compact SUV by 2021. The first version is a five-seat version of the atlas, by Atlas Cross Sport Concept and the other is a global model that differs from the T-Roc, possibly the Tharu (Picture below) already revealed for China.

Volkswagen Tharu - Official Photos
Volkswagen Tharu - Official Photos
Volkswagen Tharu - Official Photos

If you have one and a half hours to kill, here is the full video from which we took the screenshots below.

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