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At a recent Shanghai conference, Chinese company was honored with the prestigious Top End User Award, marking the company's commitment to using technology in a way that benefits not just the business but the world as well.

Awarded by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, it recognizes a company for its unique ability to use cloud-native open source projects. It analyzes software stacks and related technologies and then uses them in a way many companies would never have thought possible. This will allow customers to have a much better and more efficient e-commerce experience, and the company using the technology can become more efficient and have data that is extremely accurate and reliable. is currently running the world's largest Kubernetes cluster, demonstrating how companies can leverage data infrastructures in new and innovative ways. As one of the first companies to join Kubernetes, Jingdong has since partnered with other companies, including CNCF, to build stronger relationships with IT developers, users and software companies. That's why open source development has become a much bigger aspect of a company's IT plans.

Due to his commitment to innovation, Jingdong recently became a platinum end-user member of CNCF, meaning that the company now has a seat on the board. This now allows Jingdong to participate in future foundation initiatives. This increases efficiency, reduces costs and reduces costs higher customer service will be on display in Jingdong and other companies in the coming years.

By using Kubernetes clusters, Jingdong and other companies can now support even more IT applications as well as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications. With these advanced technological options, silos can now be reduced between DevOP teams and operations staff. By making the process between these teams even more efficient, was able to authoritative code for many important corporate projects such as Prometheus and Vitess.

Working with these and other CNCF projects, Jingdong is now considered an industry leader in data architecture and development. By integrating Vitess and other technology options into enterprise IT systems, Jingdong can operate much more flexibly in daily operations and reduce operating and maintenance costs. With these efficiency gains, Jingdong can now partner with other similar companies, resulting in industry benchmarks that are very reasonable and effective.

By taking the lead in this innovative technology area, Jingdong has positioned itself as the world leader in cloud native technology over the coming years. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff, it can now look to the future with great excitement. Jingdong is currently involved in the development of a variety of internal open source projects and expects many other developments to take place in this area of ​​IT. Customer service, sales, marketing, shipping, and many other areas critical to the success of a business will continue to grow rapidly.

Most business experts, recognized as industry leaders in IT innovation, agree that Jingdong is now in a position to take the lead in these and other related cloud projects. Therefore, it will be more important than ever for companies to pay close attention to Jingdong in the years to come.

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