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A federal tribunal present on Thursday in Awka, Anambra State invalidated Mr. Emeka Ibe's election as head of the All Progressives Congress in the state.

Chief Uzochukwu Onyekwere, a member of the APC in Anambra and chairman of the presidency, had gone to trial before the US Congress on 19 May, which had accused Ibe of unlawful exclusion.

Defendants in the lawsuit were Okey Ezea, Rep. Kingsley Chinda, chairman of the APC Congress Committee in Anambra, Ibe, the acclaimed winner, and the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Onyekwere told the court that he was a good-natured member of the APC and entitled to serve as chairman of the party in Anambra.

He requested that the exercise not be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 223 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended in 1999 and Article 20 of the APC 2017 Constitution as amended.

He said that the provisions were that all elections would be democratic and that the exercise would not be achieved.

I asked for a statement that he would not be punished after seeking justice from the court and that the APC Congress of 19 May 2018 was repealed by Anambra.

In his more than two-hour sentence, Judge Bature Gafai dismissed the defendants' affidavits, according to which the court had no jurisdiction over the matter, as it was a matter for the party.

Gafai said that the plaintiff was a bonafide member of the party and paid the compulsory nomination fee, the right to fair competition.

He voided the election for APC chairmanship and ordered a rerun to be overseen by INEC.

However, the judge, who did not grant the damages of N100 million requested by the claimant, did not indicate that the choice was repeated.

But in response, Chief Tagbo Ike, solicitor of the petitioner, applauded the court for the verdict and swift case law.

Ike, who described the election as "shit," said it was sad that some people were sitting and driving their henchmen as consensus, harmonizing the candidates and forcing them on the people.

Ike said he would give judgment to the party hierarchy to take appropriate action.

The plaintiff, Onyekw, also praised the court, adding that it had been confirmed.

Onyekwere said he would go back and prepare for a congressional election that would reflect the thoughts of the general public of party members.

"Thank God, if you have to go to equity, you have to go with clean hands. I claimed that there was no congress in Anambra and the court confirmed this.

"I will go and prepare, if I win, I will win and if I lose, I will be glad that justice has been served" he said.


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