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The Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 23 for the city of Moscow performs the main functions of tax administration, including control over the correctness of calculation, timely payment of taxes and fees by taxpayers of the South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow (code of inspection – 7723).

Legal and actual address of the inspectorate: 109386, Moscow, Taganrog ul., D. 2

Official website:

Contact telephones: telephone reception: +7 (495) 400-00-23; contact center: 8-800-222-22-22; Hotline phones: +7 (495) 400-21-42, +7 (495) 400-21-53; +7 (495) 400-21-67; “Helpline” on anti-corruption issues: +7 (495) 400-22-00 (works around the clock in automatic recording mode); phone for registration and deregistration of cash registers: +7 (495) 400-21-69

The nearest metro stations: "Volzhskaya", "Kuzminki".

The tax inspectorate consists of 17 structural units (departments), the main functions of which include the following:

Department of work with taxpayers No. 1 and department of work with taxpayers No. 2: issuance of certificates on the status of settlements with the budget, on the fulfillment of the obligation to pay taxes, acts of reconciliation of settlements; receiving tax and accounting reports;

Debt Settlement Section: Debt Settlement Issues, Claiming / Returning Claims, Collection Instructions, Suspension of Accounts Transactions;

Bankruptcy Procedure Support Division: performing bankruptcy and bankruptcy filing functions;

Department of Cameral Inspections No. 1: cameral tax audits of legal entities on the profit tax of organizations;

Department of cameral inspections No. 2: cameral tax checks of legal entities on value added tax;

Department of cameral inspections № 3: cameral tax checks of the validity of the application of the tax rate of 0%, tax deductions for VAT, benefits;

Department of cameral inspections No. 4: cameral tax inspections of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs applying special regimes: USNO, UTII, checking the correctness of the calculation of property tax, transport tax, land tax, trade tax, patent taxation system;

Department of cameral inspections No. 5: cameral tax inspections on the tax on personal income, the traditional taxation system for individual entrepreneurs, the tax on renting housing;

Department of Cameral Inspections No. 7: transport tax and tax on property of individuals;

Department of cameral checks № 8: work with forms № 2 NDFL, № 6 NDFL, № RSV;

Department of operational control: checking the use of cash registers, replacement of EKLZ (protected electronic control tape)

Documents reclamation department: reclamation of documents on counter checks;

Department of registration and accounting of taxpayers: issuance of information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, EGRIP (extracts, copies of constituent documents); issuance of information from the USRN (on accounts, on setting and deregistration, duplicate TIN certificates); acceptance of documents on the opening / closing of separate divisions;

Analytical department: tax revenue forecast, analytical work;

Department of general and economic support: provision of general and economic activities of the tax authority (office work, registration of incoming / outgoing documentation, archiving, etc.);

Department of cameral inspections №10: cameral tax inspections of individual entrepreneurs.

Russian Federal Tax Service Inspectorate No. 23 in Moscow is a federal executive body that performs the following functions: verbally informing taxpayers of all categories, settling debts, accepting appeals, complaints, suggestions, requests, accepting applications for information and issuing information from Incorporation / EGRIP declarations sent through the public services portal, receiving tax declarations submitted in person or via telecommunication channels, providing information from the FDPs, Lenie information from USRRE, the connection to the personal account, information on land and transport tax and property tax, etc.

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