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Born in 1949 in the American town of Summit, New Jersey. She grew up in a large family of Dutch origin. My father worked in a pharmacological company; in addition to raising children, his mother devoted much time to painting.

She spent most of her childhood at Bernards High School, New Jersey. She continued her education at Vassar College, receiving a bachelor of arts degree. Later, after studying at the Yale School of Drama, she received a master's degree.

The versatility of her talent was noticeable during her studies. In the performances put by students, she played various roles, from Shakespeare's Helena to the 80-year-old old woman.

After graduation she leaves for New York. He plays in various theatrical productions, most often staged from classical works, at the same time attending castings, hoping to start a film career.

The first film role gets two years after moving to New York. In the movie "Julia", Streep played a small cameo role. The film received excellent reviews, was nominated for an Oscar in three nominations.

Meryl very critically chose suitable roles for themselves. Despite the abundance of offers from film companies, almost a year passed after the first success in the cinema, before she appeared on the set again.

The role in the film "The Hunter in the Deer" she did not like at first. She agreed to participate in the filming for the sole reason – her beloved, seriously ill at that time, was shot in it. Strip did not want to be separated from him.

The film became a film event, was highly appreciated by critics and spectators. The film was nominated for an Oscar in nine nominations, but it won only three. The strip was nominated for the best actress category, but she did not get the statuette this time.

In the same year she starred in the TV series "Holocaust", where she played the wife of a Jewish artist. This role also did not bring her creative satisfaction. As the actress herself admitted, she really needed money, and shooting was only a way to make money.

The social drama, which appeared on the screens in 1979, made the famous actress a star. The film was called "Kramer vs. Kramer." Streep played Joanna Kramer, who after a divorce tried to get custody of her five-year-old daughter in court. During filming, Meryl persistently tried to avoid stereotypes exposing women who had fallen into a similar situation as evil sterns or predators. Thanks to her perseverance, the script was adjusted by the writers and the director. The game Strip recognized very realistic.

The film received international recognition, was nominated for an Oscar in nine categories. For this role, the actress received her statuette, in the category of the best actress.

After the first big success in Hollywood, Meryl opened all the doors, she had the opportunity to choose interesting roles in the creative and financial plan.

In 1982, he appeared on Sophie's Choice, a film about the life of a Polish immigrant in America. Meryl Streep convincingly played a complex range of feelings of a woman who escaped from the hell of the German occupation. She is safe, but the past does not let her go, forcing her to live terrible moments again and again. Inability to resist the ghosts of the past leads the heroine to death.

The role brought the Strip another Oscar, the admiration of the audience and enthusiastic reviews of film critics.

All subsequent roles of Meryl Streep in the 80s and 90s consistently proved successful. Many of them are marked by prestigious film awards.

In 2000, the flame of talent of the Strip did not diminish at all, on the contrary, it flared up with a new force. In 2003, he acted in the series “Angels in America”, in which he plays four characters at once. Each character has its own character and life story. An amazing talent for reincarnation, the ability to grasp the most subtle nuances of the psychological portrait of the character, caused a storm of enthusiasm of critics. The film received many international film awards.

In 2011, starred in a dramatic film adaptation of Margaret Thatcher's career. Despite the sharply negative statements about the film of people close to the former prime minister and Thetcher herself, the film was a great success. For this role, Streep received another Oscar.

Fans of the actress have repeatedly suggested that the realism in the expression of dramatic experiences due to personal experience of the Strip. Her first lover, John Casale, with whom she had been together for two years, painfully died of lung cancer. Meryl remained with him until the end.

In 1978, a few months after John's death, she married Don Gummer. In marriage, Streep got what she lacked in recent years – unconditional support. The couple had four children.

The strip is not one of the world's religious denominations, but is not an atheist. The actress is sure that God exists, but does not consider it necessary to visit special places for religious ceremonies.

A special place in the life of Srip is occupied by the Museum of Women's History, where she is not only listed as a speaker and actively participates in all events, but does not spare her own funds to support his projects.

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