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Hrithik Roshan was born on January 10, 1971 in the Indian city of Bombay, which is now renamed Mumbai. Hrithik was not the only child in the family, he has a sister. Roshan's parents are people who have dedicated their entire life to the film industry. For example, his father is a fairly well-known Indian director, his mother is an actress. By the way, Uncle Roshan is also a creative person, he is a popular composer in India.

Thus, everything went to the fact that the doors to the world of cinema would open to Hrithik. But, as you know, being a son of a famous person in the country is not always easy, because sometimes it puts a lot of pressure on the fragile children's psyche. In addition, the boy was born with 6 fingers on his right hand and had speech defects until the age of 14 – all this imposed an inferiority complex on him, which he had to fight for a long time. Seeing that, as a rule, the actors are beautiful muscular men, Roshan never hoped to succeed in the field of cinema.

But thanks to his father, the boy began to gradually get rid of the fear of the cameras. Already at the age of 6 he made his film debut: he got a role in the film “Hope”, directed by his father. Then, a very young Hrithik played in a movie called “Crazy over You”, where Roshan Sr. was also the director.

This was the end of his career in the cinema for the boy, because his parents wanted him to get education outside the country, preferably in Europe. However, the young man himself was so involved in the filming process that, secretly from everyone, as a teenager, he attended master classes in acting.

When the secret became clear, the boy’s father accepted the interests of his son and took him to work as one of the assistants.

Roshan Sr. did not relax Hrithik, the guy actually worked for days, there was almost no time to sleep, and if there was an opportunity to sleep, he had to do it in the cheapest hotels in the country. But the young man did not in the least complain about such a lifestyle, as he understood that this would only make him stronger and more confident.

After many years of hard work in the shadow of his father, in 2000, Hrithik is awarded the main role in the film “Say You Love!”. Roshan Sr. again became the creator of the film. Participation in this film made the novice actor truly famous. In addition, the young man is very mature and very much engaged in the gym. Since then, his career has gone up the hill.

The actor’s filmography includes more than 30 film and television projects of pure Indian origin. One of the best works in Roshan’s career is considered to be a role in an action movie called Krish, which was released in 2006 and continues in the form of two full-length films. The fourth part of the Indian superhero will be released in December 2020.

Success in the work led to success in the personal life of the actor. In 1996, he met Suzanne Khan, who became his wife four years later. During their marriage, the couple had two sons (in 2006 and 2008). But after 13 years of happy marriage, the couple broke up. However, Hrithik takes an active part in raising his sons and claims that they have extremely warm friendship with their ex-wife.

Contrary to all rumors, now Roshan is in the status of an enviable bachelor and is looking for his love.

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