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Angelica Anatolyevna Agurbash (born May 17, 1970) Lollita

Childhood and youthAngelika Anatolievna Agurbash was born on May 17, 1970 in Minsk. The girl was the only child in the family. Lika's parents have nothing to do with art in their activities, however, their daughter was a very active child and she began to love her creativity very early. At 6 years old, the girl sang at home in front of her parents, imagining that she was on the stage in front of thousands of fans. Then Angelica was sent to a music school, where she did not miss a single lesson. Moreover, in addition to general education and music schools, she managed to attend drama school and study dance as part of the Vyazanka collective. Persistent work and unlimited talent allowed Lika to make her film debut at the age of 14 years. One day the girl was going home after class, but then an unknown woman caught up with her and introduced herself as an assistant director. She invited the schoolgirl to take part in the filming of one film. Agurbash agreed, but after meeting with the director of the film, instead of playing in the crowd, she was approved for the role of a minor character. The tape was named "Exam for the Director." However, having looked at the script handed to her, Lika realized that she would play the main role in the film. At 17, she continues to work her creative way and goes for higher education to the local theater and art institute (now BGAI), where she was credited to the acting department . But not having finished her studies before the end of the first year, she took a sabbatical leave. Career After suspending her studies, she did not waste time. In 1988, Angelica, unexpectedly for her entourage, entered the beauty contest “Minsk Beauty”. There were quite a few contenders for winning the national competition. And despite the fact that since childhood Agurbash grew as a very attractive girl, neither Lika herself, nor any of her relatives expected such a turn of events – the young beauty received the winner's crown. At that moment, she realized that she was simply obliged to conquer the scene. After the furore at the competition, she gladly agrees to a role in a comedy called “I don’t understand.” In 1989, the first tours appeared in her life, for which she was sent in the company of future satire mastodons – Mikhail Zadornov and Semyon Altov. Vasily Rainchik, artistic director of the creative team Verasy, draws attention to her on tour. The aspiring actress was invited to become part of the Belarusian ensemble, to which she gave her consent without hesitation. By the way, the girl is recovering at the university, but she understands that she will not succeed in devoting her time to study, while her career is going uphill. Thus, after studying for 3 years, she takes the documents from the university. The yard was 1990. In the same year, Lika is selected for another beauty contest called Miss Photo USSR, which bypasses all her rivals and honors the winner's crown. This success brings Agurbash many job offers in the cinema, photo art, music. Moreover, most of the proposals came from abroad. In 1993, Angelica appears in the lead role in the movie “About her, but without her” and in the telescope entitled “The Naked King”. And in 1994, she had the honor of performing in one of the nightclubs of Milan. A year later, she decides to develop her solo career and leaves the ensemble “Verasy”. By that time, Angelica was already working on her own songs. The debut album Agurbash was released in 1995, but the truly famous actress becomes the second album “Night Without Sleep” released in 1997. The discography of the Belarusian singer has 13 albums, the last of which was released in 2018. Personal lifeThe first husband of Angelica Agurbash was Belarusian cinematographer Igor Linev. The couple had a daughter in 1988, however, the marriage did not last longer than two years. Then the singer met bodybuilder Valeriy Bizyuk, with whom she lived in a civil marriage for 6 years. In 1997, the couple had a son. The longest was an alliance with Nikolai Agurbash, which lasted for almost 12 years. In 2001, Angelica and Nikolai became husband and wife, and after 2 years, the woman became a mother for the third time – another son was born.

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