Together we stand: We are stronger together Christianity

Introduction :

One of the most beautiful features of God-blessed humanity is our need to connect with one another. I really believe that we have been blessed with this quality to make it easier for us to love each other. Without conviviality and connection, the Lord’s love cannot be expelled from his willing vessels and spread. This is entirely my reason why I am where I am. Without friends who support me, I would not be where I am on my journey with Christ. I believe that they are reinforcements from God’s just and holy army.

The group I belonged to accepted me with open arms. They cared for me so that I am the best that I can be. They cut off the fat and kept me slim. When I was low, they were there to catch me. I could help others when they weren’t that high. They became my family and supported me through thick and thin. That is the beauty of the body of Christ. Wherever there are two or three, the Holy Spirit flows through the air. My first night with this group was the first time in a long time that I felt open to making friends.

I’m afraid :

I fight with people and find it difficult to connect emotionally and socially. This weakness started when I was young and I still struggle with it today. I called it my steel heart. I tended to believe that a steel heart could not be hurt if nothing could get into it. This is a sad way of thinking. This way of thinking is out of fear and not out of love. In my previous post, I described how fearful thinking adversely affects your relationship with Jesus Christ. In my case, I was afraid of love, so I believed that locking people out would prevent me from breaking my heart.

I could give you a billion reasons why I fought, and my psychiatrist could give you a million more. It was one of the qualities that held me back. I have always thought that this weakness would keep me away from the gates of heaven. I was afraid that I could not fulfill my end of the new covenant. That means loving your neighbors. I justified my fear by twisting the word with my human wisdom. I argued with my own interpretation and was very wrong.

Fortress – rejection:

I realized that my newly discovered family would change my quality. In the beginning, my understanding of the body and how important it was was poisoned by the stronghold of rejection. Before that, I was fine with being the lonely person sitting in the back of the church. I argued that the relationship with Jesus is between two people. The word says that strong is the one who prays privately and sincerely loves him with all his heart. The problem with my actions was the reason for that. The word says that these things show an extreme level of love without respecting people’s judgments. I did it for fear of being rejected and I needed a team to dismantle this fortress.

Overcoming this barrier alone is difficult, but with the support of others, it becomes a lot easier. I alone would have stalled. If Dominic hadn’t been the friend I needed, I wouldn’t have the courage to share my testimony. It was easier for me because I had a friend and he probably didn’t know what I was experiencing at the time. Previously, the stronghold of rejection did not allow me to open up.

Beginning :

In the beginning the world hadn’t accepted me at all. I was an orphan and was rejected by the world. My own birth parents had rejected me. I had no place in it and was considered garbage and thrown away with disfigured feet. If the world could say “F *** Y **” in any way, it would be to put a young toddler in this situation and tell him to survive in a poverty-stricken country like China. I was told that I was rejected when I was one, and when my parents found me, I felt so rejected that it accumulated and turned into hate and anger. Loving was hard and I never really learned to love until I was 18.

The real blessing came with my parents. My parents gave me life, but I had already engraved myself in rejection and hatred and could only fully appreciate the life that was given to me later. This is the main reason why the rejection was a stronghold for me. It happened when I was a baby and I didn’t even understand the feelings of rejection, I only understood hate and anger. Every time I felt rejected, my hatred and anger grew.


This feeling of rejection from the world is the main reason why I am not tied to anything from this world and that includes people and relationships. I was an orphan in the world and the only value I saw from people and friends was their appreciation and recognition. I didn’t feel well, but I temporarily fit into something that I never felt part of.

God, my father saw something else in me. He saw how much I felt rejected by the world, but he also saw how much I loved the world. The reason I love the world is that there were many in the world who, like me, were rejected but strong in their will and heart to overcome the dark. The ability of these people to overcome their strongholds was the part that I admired the most.

Divine family:

At the core of our existence, we are all orphans in the world. We become part of something bigger when we accept God as our identity and accept the salvation of Jesus Christ. The truth is that together with friends and family we become a divine family to support us with our father and to show us the way. I love the world not because of the physical, but because of the spiritual fighters who fight. The physical cannot heal, perform miracles and change. It is the spiritual that can heal, perform miracles and become something bigger than anything you can imagine. It is the spiritual that can drive out demons, heal the blind and breathe eternal life.

Although this world had rejected me, I found acceptance in the world not from the world but from the one true God who created the world. Nothing in the world can harm me if I am accepted by the creator of the world. God’s Kingdom will prevail with the divine family. This is the time to fight hardest. We live in a time when it is easy to dismay Christianity, but the fact remains that many people die for the world if they could live in God’s kingdom forever. I have overcome my stronghold of rejection because of friends and family. You can too, but are you ready to take on a new family, even if that means leaving your old one behind?

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