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Perhaps the most famous are the signs according to which students are strictly forbidden to wash, shave and shave before passing the test or exam. Otherwise, you can provide yourself access to an additional session.

If a student, going to the exam, on the way to the university, first meets a woman of any age, this means that he will not pass the exam on that day. But to meet the first man is considered a good student omen, which conditionally ensures that the day will pass perfectly.

The ritual of catching freebies is also familiar to many people. It is necessary at midnight before the exam to open the window, lean out into the street with the record book and invoke a freebie. However, this ritual can be supplemented. So, for example, if you put a record book after calling a freebie in the freezer, then you’ll give it all up, freeze it to the pages of the record book. Still it is possible to catch a freebie in a normal bag or bag, after putting the candy inside. This bag / bag must be taken with you to the audience and slowly opened during preparation for the answer to the exam.

If you sleep on the notes, then the material will be remembered better, and the fact that the student did not have time to learn or read will magically penetrate his head. In this case, you cannot read your study notes while eating, otherwise you will “pass” all the knowledge. It is also impossible to leave textbooks and notebooks open during the session, otherwise all knowledge will disappear. There is one more among student's signs related to cramming the material: you should put a chocolate bar in your legs at night before the exam, and in the morning you should quickly eat chocolate to get “lost” knowledge during sleep.

During the session, you can not show anyone your record book, talk about how successfully passed the test or exam, show off grades. Otherwise, subsequent items pass on the first time will not work.

During the session, you should walk – if possible – in the same clothes in which you managed to pass the first exam. It is believed that such things bring good luck. You should not wash clothes during the examinations in order not to lose all your knowledge. Another student omen related to clothes: you should not wear new things during the session, the exception applies only to underwear, it is just advised to choose a new one. Otherwise, the exams fail.

On the day of delivery of this or that object, leaving the house, you can not go back, otherwise you will turn away from yourself good luck. If you really had to come back, you must look in the mirror and make a funny grimace for yourself.

It is important not to take off for an additional session, on the day of the exam / test stand with your left foot. Left hand is worth the ticket. And before you go into the audience, you need to hold this hand for an excellent student or the person from the group who has already “shot out” and received a good rating. Then success will be guaranteed. In addition, the spurs must also be placed only in the left pocket or fastened on the left side of the body.

Various amulets / talismans can also bring good luck and good marks at the session. So, for example, in order not to forget anything, before entering the office it is necessary to tie the laces on the wrist, making sure to tie it up not with a bow, but with a knot. You can put a five-ruble coin into your shoes, or you can draw the number “five” on your palm, which is considered a magic number among students. If a student has a personal amulet, you should definitely take him to the institute during the session. So you can increase the confidence and chances of success.

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