Pension Fund "Neftegarant" out of control of "Rosneft"

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On October 2, the Central Bank registered an additional issue of shares of the Netftegarant. They acquired the Far Eastern Bank. As a result, the fund's capital increased from 970.8 million rubles. up to 994 million rubles.

The financial institution, called the Far Eastern Bank, is the brainchild of Region Asset Management. The latter belongs to the Region Financial Services. Among the banks of Russia, the Far Eastern Bank is located at 128 place by assets.

NPF “Neftegarant” JSC is in the 20th largest pension savings and has the ability to manage 6.6 billion rubles, which are entrusted to him by 65 thousand Russians. The foundation year of the fund was 2014. It was then that the APF of the same name was reorganized, as a result of which NPF and a joint-stock company appeared on financial spaces. Such information can be found on the APF website. “Neftegarant” as a non-profit organization continues to own 30% of its shares through its subsidiary organization RN-Pension Assets. It should be noted that NPO established Rosneft in order to provide additional non-state pension coverage for its employees. At the moment, it is in 4th place in terms of the size of pension reserves and manages 46.7 billion rubles from 145 thousand Russian citizens.

In the last quarter of last year, the investment company Region Group acquired 9.9% of the NPF Soglasie-OPS, which belongs to the concern Rossium. This fund is in the top ten in terms of the total amount of pension savings. According to the Central Bank, for 9 months he managed to increase the amount to 75.3 billion rubles.

In addition, "Region" belongs to NPF "Tradition", working directly with pension reserves.
The Region Group has no plans to merge funds, according to a company representative. Inna does not intend to acquire assets of the pension direction of the Civil Code.

The Region has management companies through which pension funds flow. According to the law, the Criminal Code can not take over the management of funds affiliated with them fund. The way out of the situation will be a change in the investment structure of the savings of the pension plan.

According to Pavel Mitrofanov, managing director for corporate ratings at Expert RA, Rosneft is restructuring pension assets. Back in 2014, funds were privatized. Then Rosneft divided the pension business, giving one private pension fund the right to function as an NPO. All funds, including NPOs, will become joint-stock companies before the beginning of 2019. It is likely that Rosneft will again unite the two private pension funds to eliminate duplication of operations. The Region is considered similar to Rosneft on the structuring of transactions.

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