Catherine Malafeeva: biography of the wife of a famous football player

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Ekaterina Malafeeva AnnaValerevna

Early yearsCaterina was born in the Novgorod region on April 7, 1988 in the family of Alexei and Lyubov Komyakov. In the troubled times of the 90s, Alexey Komyakov was convicted. To keep Katya and her brother, the mother had to work a lot. Therefore, the household and upbringing of the younger brother lay on Kate. However, the girl found time for sports and music. After serving his sentence, his father returned to his native village, and soon the whole Komyakov family moved to St. Petersburg. As a student at the University of Culture, Katya became a member of the Soulsisters dance group. Rehearsals and work took all the time the girls, because of the tight schedule of performances was forced to leave school for some time. Together with other artists, she has performed for SKA and Spartak club for several years. In 2005, Katya decided to devote herself to music. The duo “DJ Dolls” in a short time became one of the most popular projects. Together with another member of the electronic duet and close friend Masha Erofeev, Oi Ekaterina gave concerts in prestigious clubs and recorded video clips. Katya was able to continue her education only in 2011. The fateful meeting The lack of attention from representatives of the opposite sex Catherine never experienced, but true love was waiting for her ahead. In early spring of 2012, famous girls from “DJ Dolls” were invited to an entertainment event in Miami, where they were to be responsible for the musical arrangement. During the speech, Kate drew attention to an attractive man, but did not recognize the athlete. Only when Vyacheslav approached her and met her and thanked her for her excellent performance, did Katya understand that she was a famous football player. Vyacheslav, who had recently suffered the death of his wife, had not yet recovered from the tragedy, but could not resist the girl's charm. Their relationship, which began with mutual sympathy, was developed already in St. Petersburg. In May, Katya with her friends and parents celebrated receiving a diploma and accidentally met Vyacheslav. Soon he introduced the girl to his children, who immediately fell in love with her, and in 2012 the wedding ceremony was held. In an interview, Vyacheslav said that from the very first minute of his acquaintance with Katya he knew that this was his future wife. In 2013, their common child was born, and Katya, who replaced the mother of two with Vyacheslav’s children, spent some time only as a family. Music has become a hobby for her, although sometimes she agrees to give concerts in Russia and in Europe. Since 2015, Catherine headed the family business. "M16" is a large company, which occupies one of the leading places in the real estate market of St. Petersburg. She supports her husband in everything, who, after completing her sports career, plans to become a politician.

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