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As Nigeria's first Winter OlympicsKeeping my legs in top shape is a top priority. I've spent years slimming my legs, making them stronger and more powerful. And now I'm sharing my favorite exercises to reach killer legs. Prepare to train like an Olympian and challenge your legs for the best results.

Kangaroo box jumps

Box jumps are my absolute favorite! They are super funny, burn a lot of calories and fat fat. Jumping also increases your strength and muscle tone and gives you amazing calves.

How one:
You need space and three to five plyometric boxes or stable raised surfaces. Choosing the height of the boxes depends on your current fitness level. However, most women want to start with 14 to 18 inch boxes. Set up the boxes in a straight line by taking two large steps between the boxes (you can create more space between the boxes when you are more advanced and moving). Once the boxes are set up, jump with both feet to the first box. Then jump up again as fast as possible to jump to the next box. Start with three or four sets of box jumps a few times a week.

Power jumps

I love jumping rope because it is really comfortable and activates the main muscles of your lower body: glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles. It also burns a lot of calories, which can help you lose weight and trim your thighs.

How one:
Grab a jump rope and run in place and switch between your right and left foot. Bring your knees as far as possible to your body every step of the way. Jump for 30 seconds and continue for 60 seconds or more. Perform four to six sets of time intervals.

Pause for 30 seconds before proceeding to the set.

Frog thrusts

These give me the life! They work on your quads, glutes and hamstrings and have many of the same benefits as the dreaded burpee, without leaving you hot mess on the floor of the gym!

Photo by Antonia Steyn

How one:
Start in a push-up position. Then bring both feet to the outside of your hands and sink into a deep squat. When both feet touch the ground, return both feet to the starting position. To repeat. Try to make 25 consecutive as fast as you can and continue from there.

#SleighSimiSleigh Sprints

To be Africa's fastest woman on ice, I have to sprint tons of ice cream. When sprinting my legs become strong and the body is torn because it burns many calories in a short time. Sprints can be done anywhere and are also very time effective.

How one:
Before diving into your sprint training, you can warm yourself up by performing a mix of low-intensity cardio (jump rope or jogging for 4-5 minutes), sprint-specific exercises (lunges, jumps, leg swings), and plyometrics and accelerations (high knees and accelerations of 10-20-30 meters). This should take about 15 minutes and then you can start! Instantly find a 40-meter path (sidewalks, driveways and corridors work well) for your sprint training. Sprint over 40 meters as fast as possible. Go back to the beginning. Make a set of 4 minutes with a 2 minute break between each sprint. Take a full 5 minute break after every 4 sets.

Explosive step-ups

These strengthen the muscles on the front and back of the thighs and as an added bonus can help to make your Gluteus maximus (AKA your prey) stable.

Photo by Antonia Steyn

How one:
First you need a bank, a box or a platform. Make sure it is not too high. just below the knee is about right. Stand up to the bench. Put one foot on it and drive explosively upwards on the hips, knees and ankles. Swing your legs in the air and gently land your other foot on the box, and begin the next repetition immediately. Make 3 sets of 4 reps on each leg. Pay attention to the maximum height with each repetition and take a break of 2 minutes between repeats.

About the author
Simidele Adeagbo (@SimiSleighs) is a groundbreaking Olympic chief and lawyer focused on empowering women and building the next generation of transformers through the power of sport. The views in this comment are their own.

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