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Speaking about energy vampires and about who they choose to sacrifice, there are several key points. For energampir, sex, age or appearance are not so important. Such a person evaluates character and behavior, “probes” the emotional background.

Perfect donors for energy vampires are people who by nature tend to be led. Such personalities easily fall under the influence of others; they do not know how to resist outside influence. If a person is not able to refuse, altruism is likely, then it is likely that it is him who will be chosen to sacrifice an energetic vampire.

Among the personality traits and traits of the character, the power vampers are especially interested in:

  • softness and suppleness;
  • impulsiveness;
  • gullibility, kindness and vulnerability;
  • openness to the world;
  • compassion, the ability to empathize and sympathize;
  • increased empathy;
  • impressionability;
  • suggestibility;
  • weakness;
  • addiction;
  • amorousness;
  • propensity for mercy;
  • the ability to communicate with everyone on an equal footing;
  • ductility.

If a person does not differ from nature by his inclination to demonstrate emotions, if he is sufficiently restrained, calm, phlegmatic, then such a person will hardly be interested in the energy vampire. People who feed on alien forces and experiences show greater interest in the address of men and women quick-tempered, unrestrained in terms of emotions. They are interested in those who often change their mood, who can easily fall into a state of sadness and sorrow, tend to take on other people's experiences and problems to heart. Sensitive, attentive to the mental state of another person, people most often become donors for vampires.

Rare energy vampire gets pleasure, feeding on positive emotions. Therefore, apathy, depression, despondency, sadness become those markers that attract energy vamps to themselves. As a rule, such people appear in the lives of other people at those moments when some dramatic or difficult events occur. In this case, the energy vampire will not encourage and comfort, on the contrary, he will try to further increase the degree of anxiety, pain and despair.

The ideal victims for vampires are:

  1. people in difficult life situations;
  2. those who are prone to depression, apathy and melancholy;
  3. people who easily become infected with other people's emotions and are not ashamed are not shy about expressing their feelings;
  4. those whose feelings are very easy to control;
  5. people who have a very large supply of energy.

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