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Ford 6.7L CP4 fuel pump failures cause lawsuit
Ford diesel fuel pumps reportedly fail because they are not compatible with US diesel fuel.

A Ford CP4 fuel pump claim claims the pumps could not handle US diesel fuel specifications, which Ford reportedly knew when the trucks were first sold.

The proposed class action lawsuit covers all 2011 with 6.7-liter diesel vehicles from Ford that are equipped with CP4 fuel injection pumps.

Ford has sold millions of diesel trucks equipped with CP4 pumps.ticking time bombs"which are not compatible with American diesel fuel.

The CP4 pumps from Bosch are reportedly not built to comply with specifications for US diesel fuel in terms of water content and lubrication. This allegedly causes the fuel pumps to run dry because air bubbles allow metal to metal contact. As a result, metal chips remain in the injection systems and motors, so that the pumps suddenly fail without warning.

According to the lawsuit, the problems start with customers filling gasoline for the first time and forcing owners to pay an awful lot of money for repairs.

Customers also claim that they and others are at risk if the trucks suddenly stop while driving on the highway and the driver can not restart the vehicles.

When customers bring the trucks to dealers for testing and repairs, the lawsuit alleges that Ford blames pump failures for fuel pollution that is not covered by the warranty. According to the plaintiffs, diesel customers can pay somewhere between $ 8,000 and $ 20,000, just to make the trucks functional again.

Consumers are not just paying more for diesel trucks because they are expected to hold 500,000 to 800,000 miles. The vehicles are also being advertised with more power and lower fuel costs. This does not matter if the CP4 diesel pumps with American diesel fuel are not working properly.

According to the proposed class action lawsuit, Ford knew that CP4 pumps in the US would fail, but decided to hide that knowledge and blame it on customers.

Ford is allegedly a member of the Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association, which warned in 2002 that the lower lubricity of US diesel fuel could lead to sudden pump failures in fuel injection components manufactured to European specifications.

According to the lawsuit, Ford does not help the customer by replacing the CP4 pumps with the same defective Bosch pumps.

The plaintiffs say that Bosch certainly knew about pump problems due to internal emails from Bosch, Audi and Volkswagen in 2010 regarding a pump failure in an Audi A3 2010.

Audi asked at Bosch "[W]Are the deficiencies listed below still present after replacing the high-pressure pump and the injector? What could that be? [dealer] have you made any wrong repairs to make such mistakes?"

Bosch replied:

"In this case, the entire fuel system (HPP, rail, injectors, all lines) must be changed. , , , I assume that the whole system is contaminated by the "cruncher" with chips, which are then pumped in the circulation and can soon lead to the next failure! The rough run can be explained by the fact that a chip already exists in front of or in the injector and impairs its function. "

The plaintiffs claim that the problems with the Bosch CP4 pump are so great that carmakers sell kits to prevent damage. However, Ford customers say that spending $ 300- $ 400 on the parts is nothing more than a temporary solution.

Other customers are reportedly replacing the CP4 pumps with CP3 fuel pumps, with the cost of the parts alone at $ 3,000. However, the complaint was that the vehicles will not reach the fuel efficiency promised with the CP4 pumps.

According to the plaintiffs, Ford's customers sometimes also choose to leave the CP4 pumps in the vehicles and then install lift pumps to assist the CP4 pumps and increase fuel pressure. However, the claimants claim that this method also affects fuel consumption and, in any case, owners need to buy more fuel.

The plaintiffs claim that no sensible consumer would have bought the diesel vehicles if Ford had warned them about the problems of the CP4 pump. The plaintiffs also claim that hundreds of millions of dollars should be reimbursed to all concerned Ford customers for their hassles and costs.

The Ford 6.7L diesel CP4 fuel pump lawsuit has been filed with the US District Court for the Northern District of California – Farlow et al., V. Ford Motor Company,

The plaintiffs are represented by Hagens Berman, Hilliard Martinez Gonzales, and Morgan & Morgan,

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