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Vadim was born in 1956 in the city of Korostyshev, Zhytomyr region. Parents were engaged in land reclamation and often went on business trips. Therefore, the child grew up independent and was engaged in raising a younger sister. Children were fond of music, this love was instilled in them by their grandmother and grandfather, who sang in the choir and played musical instruments. Vadim even performed as part of a youth group, and her sister later chose the profession of a musician. Studying was easy for the boy, he read a lot and was drawn to knowledge. From school subjects he especially liked the story, he repeatedly became the winner of school competitions.

After graduating from school, the young man continued his education at the University of Kharkov in the specialty "political economy". He was trained in graduate school and the next decade, a graduate taught students of political economy and political science. All this time the specialist did not forget about the scientific work. In 1996, Vadim was offered a position at the National Institute for Strategic Studies, the branch of which was located in Kharkov. Karasev became the right hand of the branch manager.

The further biography of Vadim Yuryevich developed successfully, in 2003 he moved to Kiev. An experienced political scientist led the Moscow Institute of Global Strategies. The organization specialized in the analysis of foreign and electoral policies.

Karasev achieved success in political consulting, he successfully used his theoretical knowledge in practice. Participated in the election headquarters of Leonid Kuchma, became an adviser to many top officials of the state. A specialist in political technology, he became one of the best in the country. And although Karasev made a brilliant career as a political consultant, not all colleagues are complimentary about his work. Some consider it unfair and recall the failures that befell him in the period of cooperation with President Yushchenko.

The political scientist made several attempts to get into power. In 2006, he participated in the parliamentary elections from the Veche party, was listed under No. 2. The position of “Veche” was as follows: the non-aligned status of Ukraine, national economic egoism and the idea “Ukraine is me!”, Which was supposed to unite culturally different countries. The result was disappointing, the party did not get the required number of votes.

In 2010, Karasev joined the United Center party and took the position of one of the leaders. The party set itself the task of modernizing the economy and bringing the living standards of Ukrainians to European standards. Two years later, Vadim again ran for the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and again was defeated.

In recent years, viewers of numerous television shows discussing issues of politics and public life can often see Vadim Karasev among the invited experts. He is always correct and restrained with opponents, if he is wrong, he apologizes. All this causes respect and sympathy of the audience. Sometimes a political scientist is overly emotional, but like a real intellectual, he prefers to leave the studio than engage in violent battles.

Karasev's personal life is hidden from the press and the public. It is only known that his wife's name is Natalia Ushakova, the spouses have no children. Vadim gives all his free time to his family and his hobby – music. As once he sits down at the instrument and remembers youth.

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