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More than forty alleged drug traffickers invaded a farmland on the Bolorunduro Axis in the Akure North district of Ondo district this weekend.

Armed with dangerous weapons, the captains allegedly attacked the owners of the farmland.

The farmland, a cocoa plantation, belonged to Augustine Christopher, a farmer in Bolorunduro.

It was gathered that the thugs got mad when they discovered that some bags of Indian hemp had disappeared on the farmland.

An Isaac Akpan, who worked in the yard when he stormed the settlement, was beaten to pulp and abducted.

The thugs are said to have killed Akpan if the missing bags were not produced.

Martina told her grief in the hands of the rascals and said she was on her way to the farm when she saw Akpan being taken away by the thugs.

"I had gone to the farm late at night on that fateful day, having had a miscarriage and was tired, but decided to meet my husband and brother on the farm because we had left the farm unattended for several days from the funeral of my father-in-law.

"I met these people (thugs), about 40 of them on motorcycles, and saw my brother already beaten, and I turned around and told me that he had been taken to Ilu Abo.

"I went there with our dad just to find my brother on his knees and he was severely beaten, and immediately they saw us, they came down on us and beat up my father in a coma, while he demanded where the bags with Indian hemp were held.

"My dad fainted and when I tried to touch him, they stopped me while some beat me with sticks and I fainted too because I lost a lot of blood."

In their opinion, the ruffians also threatened to kill all members of the family if they refused to make the bags with Indian hemp. She also said that they had invited some National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) officials to hand them over to the police for theft.

She said her husband later reported the case to the police and was taken to hospital for treatment while the robbers ran away.

Augustine Christopher, husband of the victim, said he had been forced to report the case to the police station in Oba Ile after the ruffians threatened to kill all members of his family.

"I urge the security agents to fish these people out, and although two of them were arrested, we still have them all over the municipality in Ogbese, Bolorunduro, and other areas," he said.

Femi Joseph, police spokesman for Ondo State, confirmed the attack and found that security forces had arrested some of the thugs involved in the incident.

Joseph added that the investigation had started the case and stressed that the perpetrators would be held accountable.

"In fact, the State Police Commissioner, Gbenga Adeyanju, ordered the transfer of the case to the state criminal police (CID)," he added.

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