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Senator Bukola Saraki, the contested, diminishing demi-god of Kwara politics, withdrew the ticket for the Senate of the Kwara South Senator, which had previously been awarded to his godchild, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, the governor of the state.

The withdrawal of the cross-cutting senatorial deeds is unrelated to the threat posed by the ruling Congress "All Progressives" last Saturday in the House of Representatives when the PDP was defeated in blue and black

The Governor of Kwara yesterday admitted that he may have waived his senatorial ticket for incumbent Senator Abdulrafiu Ibrahim, according to the Nation newspaper. He said that the talks within the political family Dr. Bukola Saraki, that he should step aside, would have taken a while. He made it clear that the waiver of the ticket had nothing to do with the by-election on 18 November in Ekiti / Oke Ero / Isin / Irepodun.

The findings, however, confirmed that Saraki, the governor's godfather, had told Ahmed to forget about his ambitions after the defeat. Although Saraki initially favored Abdulrafiu, Ahmed sent many PDP governors to his godfather to give him the ticket. The first political test of the governor, after the ticket was secured, was the election in the PDP fatal constituency.

A PDP source said, "Our leader has taken the senator card from the governor because he can not afford to take a risk. The place is now for the current seat occupant, Senator Abdulrafiu Ibrahim. We try to give the governor a soft landing. We do not want the governor to be humiliated. To get the ticket, the governor sent emissaries to our leader. It has now been found that the shoe is bigger than him, because the survey of 2019 is really uncomfortable for us.

"Our leader has been in the state for the last 48 hours to fix things, as he will serve as general director of the PDP's Presidential Campaign Council. If you leave your pot unattended, your food will burn. "

Governor Ahmed, however, has denied speculation that the Senate of Kwara South Senatorial "was picked up by him because of the recent election results of the US House of Representatives." Ahmed stated in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant for Media and Communications. Dr. Muyideen Akorede described the rumors as a "politically motivated mischief" that he was asked to be kicked out of losing the electoral campaign of Ekiti / Oke Ero / Irepodun by the Democratic People's Party (PDP).

The statement said: "The governor said, on the contrary, prior to the November 17 election, a consultation had taken place to examine the request of the leadership of the Ibolo division of Kwara South, from which the current Senator comes a second term in the Senate

He further said that the ongoing consultation was based on the view that the Igbomina and Ekiti divisions had successfully completed two terms of office in the Senate, in contrast to the Ibolo Division, whose representative in the Senate had served only one term.

While calling the last by-election a farce affected by election defaults, the widespread alienation and use of security services against PDP supporters and their members, said Ahmed, said the result of such a controversial election could not have been the basis for a review his candidacy for the elections in Kwara South Senatorial. He assured that the PDP will win the parliamentary elections because the people of Kwara have decided never to allow such harassment by security forces again. "

In a separate statement by US Secretary of State for Public Relations, Tunde Ashaolu, it was confirmed that the party was weighing options on the Ibolo people's demand for a second deadline for acting Senator Abdulrafiu Ibrahim. The statement said: "The attention of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State has been drawn to a misleading media report stating that in the camp of Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki is in a state of panic and Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed is under pressure to resign from the Kwara South Senate following last December's election campaign in Ekiti / Oke-Ero / Isin / Irepodun.

"This is completely wrong, ridiculous and a deliberate mistake staged by some unscrupulous elements and political employers who want to cause confusion in the party and among our leaders. To avoid any doubt, there is no tension within the PDP in Kwara State, and there is no pressure on Governor Ahmed to drop his senatorial ambition over the outcome of the recent elections in the state.

"The party notes, however, that there are ongoing consultations and requests from executives on the Ibolo Axis of Kwara South, of which the current Senator, the senator circle, dr. Rafiu Ibrahim, for the Senator's Ticket of the Party in the Axis, represents an interest in fairness and justice in the district's political distribution bureaus.

"It is instructive to note that these consultations and pleas were preceded by the by-elections of 17 November and were based on the assumption that Kwara South's Igbomina and Ekiti departments produced senators who served two terms in the Senate, unlike Ibolo Department, whose representative had served only one term.

"This was the only comment that stakeholders have made in all consultations with the National Party Leader and Senate President, Dr. Ing. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed and other PDP leaders in the state had made.

"It is therefore ridiculous for anyone to believe that the outcome of an election that does not reflect the will of the people, with widespread irregularities such as intimidation of voters, turnout and illegal arrests of PDP members, is leading to the withdrawal of Governor Ahmed the senatorial race.

"The party calls on PDP members and supporters as well as the public to ignore the fake report sponsored and planted in the media by unscrupulous elements and fifth columnists.

"Ahmed is a prominent leader of our party and has always put the interest of the party above his personal interest. In addition, since taking office in 2011, he has taken exemplary leadership and created enduring legacies that have put Kwara on a path of sustainable development.

"Governor Ahmed's legacy of vision and foresight includes the establishment of Kwara's Internal Revenue Service (KWIRS) and the Kwara Infrastructure Development Fund (IF-K). Undoubtedly, these initiatives have had a major impact on the development of the state. "



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