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Why NTI 2017 is still releasing PGDE results -Educational

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The National Teachers Institute (NTI) publishes the results of students enrolled in the postgraduate program PGDE (PGDE) in 2017 due to administrative issues related to university affiliation, the newspaper reports.

In an exclusive interview with In Kaduna, NTI Executive Director Bashir Mamman said Friday that a recommendation from the National Universities Commission (NUC) was the 40-year-old Teacher training institute decentralizes its university affiliation to the PDGE program.

The NUC is the government agency that regulates institutions for the awarding of university degrees, including universities and their affiliated institutions.

Prior to this interview, this platform was flooded with reactions from part of our audience, which revealed that their findings were not immediately released. Many were excited about the enrollment in the NTI PGDE programSome others expressed concern about how soon their results would be ready.

EduCeleb, com recalls that between 2004 and 2014 participants in NTI's PGDE program were issued certificates of Usmanu Dan Fodio University in Sokoto (UDUS), where they maintained their affiliation over the years. In 2015 and 2016, however, certificates from the NTI study program and the PGDE programs of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) were attached.

Mr Mamman said that this would change as the system was decentralized to reduce the 'burden' on schools. Nigeria has six geo-political zones, each of which would include a state university belonging to the NTI for the subsequent issue of their PGDE certificates.

"The NUC has recommended that we expand membership so that we have at least one university per geopolitical zone. They suggested six universities, "he said.

It is expected that the NTI will maintain its connection to UDUS in the northwest zone for the PDGE once the agreement is completed. In the southwest, the PDGE program of the University of Ibadan will be connected. For the North Central Zone, this is the University of Ilorin. Those registered in the South-South and Southeast geopolitical zones receive their certificates at the University of Port Harcourt and the Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka. Northeastern students would have their certificates issued by the University of Maiduguri.

The NTI Director pointed out that Memorandums of Understanding were signed with each school where they were issuing certificates because the various universities had agreed in writing to the proposed membership.

"All universities have agreed in writing to the planned membership. In fact, the NUC even facilitates approval. They told us that with this multiple affiliation, we would have broader coverage than just a university for the entire nation, "he said.

The PGDE results for 2017 are ready, but …

He pointed out that the certificates for the PDGE program 2017 are ready, adding that the process of affiliation that has already been completed with the NUC determines how quickly students have access to their certificates. The final step in this process is the resource visit proposed by the NUC.

"The results have been done for a long time. But if we release it now, it's like releasing it on our own.

"This change has led to the results for 2017 not being released to students. The NUC has completed the resource visit, the last process of belonging. You have already visited selected study centers. What remains is your visit to the NTI headquarters to evaluate the course materials we use. " formerly published a list of Affiliated universitieswhich are not originally NUC accredited universities. We found that every course in Nigeria had to undergo NUC approval.

The NUC undertakes a resource visit, which the NTI official expects to take place shortly, to determine if an affiliate could award a degree. During the visit, which may be equivalent to an accreditation procedure, it is expected that the course content, materials, facilities in the study centers and the quality of the staff of the institution will be assessed.

Mr. Mamman told us that his institution was working hard to get the process completed soon. He said the appointment to visit NTI headquarters was scheduled for the last week of November.

"We do not issue the certificates. It is the universities that would do that. Some of the universities that have signed their MoUs are expected to sign them during the visit. Once the letters of intent have been signed, we would publish the results. "

Previous results ready

Mr. Mamman said the situation affected only students who enrolled in 2017 because students who had previously enrolled could receive their results and certificates.

"It only affects the 2017 PGDE. But in all other years we have no problems with the results. "

"We have received over 25,000 signed certificates from Usmanu Dan Fodio University and distributed to all states since October. There are also those with the National Open University of Nigeria, who are also signed and about to graduate. "

However, when the reporter pointed out that we received some feedback from our viewers that results and allowances would still be delayed, he said that this would be dealt with on a case by case basis. He also stated that his office even had a task force handling such complaints when they appear.

"I'm not aware of that. I was appointed director of the exam in 2017. When I was appointed, I immediately formed a task force for student complaints. At the moment, we have not a single complaint that we have not resolved. "

"This Taskforce just got this job and they have done that job for the States. There probably has to be a communication gap somewhere. Recently, the frequency of complaints has decreased. Several weeks pass without us receiving any other complaints.

"We really tried very hard now, especially with the arrival of our present DG. He founded the exam department. It used to be just a split. If there are (such delay problems), I would have liked to see the individual with such a complaint in the last three years, so that our task force can easily check the state of affairs about this candidate. "

He said those who did not get their results in time are those who do not finish their programs with their peers.

"I can assure you that the remaining students from 2015 and 2016, to get more results, are the ones who for some reason could not complete with their colleagues. It may be that they had a carryover or they could not complete their research project or teaching practice. "

"It is those with these problems who, when they clarify their results, ask us now later that their certificates be written. But all her colleagues, who graduated without any problems, are presented on time and both the declaration (the results) and the certificate are issued.

"Those who have problems with the transfer process the results quickly after their excellent course and send them to NOUN for approval to issue their certificates. The registration of our institute is NOUN to ensure that they are completed. "

On the complaint submission channel, he said that they should be run by state agencies.

"Students with complaints should ideally submit this through the State Office. They send a letter of complaint to the Director-General of the DG. The State Coordinator then wrote a cover letter and forwarded it to the DG, which then forwarded it to my office. As I said, we have a task force for complaints that will take care of it immediately. reports that the NTI is one of the National education policy, It was founded in 1978 to offer the then minimum entry into the teaching profession, the Grade II certificate. It also offers the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE), which has been the minimum qualification for teachers since 2004.

The NTI has been offering the PGDE program since 2004 through its study centers. In recent years, it has also begun to lead through the accredited centers courses, but it is not yet necessary to promote the students there.

NTI's NCE certificates will continue to be issued by him. Although the PGDE program will be connected to the aforementioned universities, the study program is connected to NOUN.

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