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Firstly, this is a load on children – in 3 months to master what was necessary to study for 5-6 years.

And secondly, such problems could have been avoided if the parents came to the speech therapist at least once a year with the child. Because only a specialist in time will see violations in the development of speech in a baby. This may be dyslalia – violation of the pronunciation of individual sounds. Phonetic-phonemic disorders – when a child not only utters, but also perceives the sounds of the native language incorrectly. And, finally, a general underdevelopment of speech, when pronunciation, perception, grammar, poor vocabulary and connected speech are disturbed.

At 3 years old, the baby has the full right to distort sounds, to incorrectly build sentences. The main thing is that he understands the speech addressed to him and knows how to convey his thoughts to others. If the child is able to fulfill your simple requests, and you understand him, despite the porridge in his mouth, everything is in order. The help of a specialist is necessary for three-year-old silent people and those children for whom your simplest requirements are unclear. At the age of 4, the child should already speak in such a way that not only his parents understand him, but also strangers. By the way, for moms and dads, this is a kind of criterion for the "correctness" of the development of their son or daughter. Parents get used to the incorrect speech of their children, and mother, of course, will be able to “translate” the children's language into an adult. But if a teacher in a garden or a neighbor asks your kid several times, perhaps he needs to work with a speech therapist.

At 5 years old, the child may still not pronounce the sound "p". And at 6 years old, before school, the correct pronunciation and use of cases is considered the norm, the ability to speak coherently and competently.

Very often, children who speak poorly for their age also eat poorly. As a rule, for them the whole problem is to eat an apple or carrot, not to mention meat. It is caused by weakness of the jaw muscles, and it, in turn, retards the development of movements of the articulatory apparatus. Therefore, be sure to force the child to chew crackers and whole vegetables and fruits, bread with rinds and lumpy meat.

To develop your cheek muscles and tongue, show your child how to rinse your mouth. It is necessary to teach to inflate the cheeks and hold the air, to “roll” it from one cheek to another.

What does it mean – to develop fine motor skills. This means – the baby should work as much as possible with his naughty fingers. No matter how tedious it may seem to you, let the kid himself button buttons, lace up his shoes, roll up his sleeves. Moreover, it is better not to start to train the child on his clothes, but first “help” to dress up with dolls and even parents. As children’s fingers become more agile, his tongue will become more and more clear not only to his mother. At a kid's age it is very useful to sculpt. Just do not need to leave the baby alone with the clay, in time to stop his desire to try the ball to the taste. Many mothers do not trust baby scissors. But if you put your fingers into the scissor rings together with the children and cut out some figures, you will get a great training for the hand.

The dishes are washed by our assistant.

(rub their palms together – “do the dishes”.

Washes a fork, a cup, a spoon.

Washed saucer and glass,

(fingers unbend, starting from the little finger).

And shut the tighter tap.

(perform imitating movement).

Knead flour in dough,

(squeeze and unclasp fingers).

And from the test we blinded:

(swatted palms, "molded").

Patties and buns,


Buns and rolls –

Everything we bake in the oven.

(alternately bend fingers, starting from the little finger. Both palms are turned upwards).


(pat stomach).

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