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President Muhammadu Buhari said Friday in Abuja that leaders who undermine the economy by denying employees their benefits while personal accounts are being filled with public funds can not escape the current turmoil of anti-corruption.

President Buhari received the delegation from the Benue-based All Progressives Congress (APC), led by Senator George Akume, and said the federal government's rescue efforts for states and the Paris Club Fund were essentially aimed at alleviating people's suffering and suffering refers to embezzlement as unfair and unfair to workers.

"I honestly do not know how people sleep when workers are not paid. The workers have to pay rent, buy groceries, send their children to school, and they have to take care of medical care.

"I assure you that my main interest is all Nigerians in all parts of the country. So if someone who tries to give the impression that I prefer a group of different ethnic or religious groups, let me dare to get caught stealing public money? I will deal with him, "he said.

The President told the APC delegation that the Federal Executive Council had monitored the plight of workers across the country and the use of the bailout and Paris Club funds in some states.

"Thank you for your courage to visit me. This visit revived our morale, "he said.

President Buhari said the federal government has made significant progress in diversifying the economy by investing in agriculture and encouraging more individuals and entrepreneurs to go into farming. She pointed out that Nigeria would soon be self-sufficient in the diet of its citizens.

"We are proud of what we have achieved with the resources at our disposal," he added, citing the ongoing projects for roads, railways, seaports, airports and power plants as a hallmark of his government's commitment to making life better ,

President Buhari said the Ministry of Agriculture and the Central Bank of Nigeria would continue to be motivated to work together and help all Nigerians interested in farming on a commercial scale.

He noted that murders across the country, including Benue, Zamfara and Taraba, were carried out by "godless" people who had no religious or ethnic leanings.

"We know about shepherds. Those we knew were carrying sticks and sometimes cutlasses to cut the leaves for their cattle. We now have people wearing AK 47 pretending to be shepherds.

"We are working hard to secure our borders. We will see how the old cattle tracks can be opened. We will control the movement. Please ask our people to be patient, "he said.

The president pointed out that security personnel had already uncovered and arrested the murderers' network.

In his remarks, the chairman of the delegation said the state's tale about the federal government had quickly changed positively as more and more people discovered President Buhari's good intentions to save lives and property and alleviate poverty.

"Your Excellency, Mr. President, we know your commitment to Nigeria. We know how much you love the country and are ready to die for the good cause, "said Senume Akume.

Akume, a former governor of the state of Benue, told the president that APC members had begun to raise awareness and mobilize voters for the 2019 election, pointing out that the party and its manifesto were more widely accepted in the state.

He praised the president for honoring the dualization of the Abuja-Keffi-Lafia-Makurdi road and called for more attention to the Makurdi-Otukpo road and the water projects in Gboko and Otukpo.

"They worked hard to meet the shepherds and farmers in Benue. It is important to note that many people used religion and ethnicity to earn cheap points. Religion was used in Benue for eerie purposes, "he added.

Regarding corruption, Senator Akume said that the president made a crucial difference by combating perpetrators.

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