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A beautiful Nigerian identified as Omotade Alalad has welcomed a beautiful twin group after many failed IVFs with her husband. In a post on her Instagram page, Omotade gave her testimony.

Nigerian couples welcome twins

After spending more than 11 million NI on IVF treatment, my husband and I complete our family with two twins. @Tadealalade has TWINSSS ooooo ??. This post would be too long if I started to detail what I have tried so far. It is bad enough that I had more or less no choice but to receive IVF. However, if you have multiple miscarriages and have to deal with the fact that my husband and I are AS, it takes another level.

I found out that we were both AS after we got married (I'm still trying to decide if it would have made a difference if I had found out before). The amount of tears I cried during my journey can fill an ocean. Most tears came when I lost twins (boy and girl) late in pregnancy. Since I really knew what depression is. Now my Lord finally completes my family with twins. TWINSSSSS , Gosh, my god is too great !!! He can really move mountains. Nothing is too big for him. I cry every time I realize how merciful the Lord is. I pray that every married woman experiences the kind of joy that I feel. thanks father ?


Before you go! Share this content on any social media platform

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