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What does a person’s stress tolerance level depend on? In many ways, this ability is laid by nature and at the genetic level. People who have a strong nervous system, strong, easier to cope with stress. With a mobile and very sensitive nervous system, stress tolerance can suffer noticeably. In addition, the ability to resist stress and recover faster is also affected by the upbringing that a person received in childhood. For example, if the parents constantly put the child in an awkward position, lowered his self-esteem, unconsciously instilled in him fears, such a person in adulthood will experience problems with stress resistance.

However, one should not think that if upbringing was unsuccessful, and a weak nervous system got from nature, then it is absolutely impossible to learn how to resist stress and easily endure stressful effects. The third important component of stress tolerance is direct work on oneself: development, self-improvement, training, and willingness to change. Having decided to strengthen your stress tolerance, you can start with very simple steps that are accessible to everyone.

Sleep, Hobby, Relaxation. In the fight against stress, it is very important to increase the level of positive hormones and reduce the amount of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Therefore, rest and proper sleep are important components that increase stress resistance. Relaxation methods, for example, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, massage and meditation, relieve nervous tension, replenish strength, and allow you to look at life with a more confident look. Taking up a favorite hobby is also relaxing and allows you to increase the production of serotonin, which helps to optimistically look at life and fight stress.

Exercise stress. Passive lifestyle is something that greatly reduces stress resistance. Due to physical exertion, it is possible to get rid of tension in the body, again to stimulate the production of beneficial hormones. In addition, exercise helps maintain body shape.

Ability to plan your day. People who have learned to break more tasks into small matters, who know how to properly allocate time and avoid deadlines, are much easier to endure the impact of stressful situations. To strengthen the stress tolerance, you need to make a little bit of rationality.

Autotraining. Auto-training or self-hypnosis is a simple and accessible way for everyone, thanks to which it is possible to increase stress tolerance, to tune in an optimistic mood, to develop the habit of thinking positively. There are many psychological exercises and attitudes that are worth occasionally doing and repeating. For example, in a situation where everything goes wrong, when it seems that stress has become the ruler of life, you need to close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. And then imagine how inside there is a steel rod. He is strong and durable, he is not able to break under the negative impact of the outside world. It gives strength and increases confidence.

Giving up the habit of whining and suffering. Perhaps this method is not the easiest, but it is extremely effective. Often, many people absolutely do not notice such a habit. Fixing on the negative, constant self-pity, nagging for even the smallest reason, the perception of all difficult situations as extremely negative events leads to the fact that the level of stress resistance decreases very much. Against the background of such attitudes and attitudes, not only mood, but also physical well-being can deteriorate. What to do? For a start, you can try to throw yourself a kind of challenge: during the week to absolutely avoid despondency, to prohibit yourself to excrete negative situations. All this time it is necessary to keep a diary, where at the end of the day to record at least five positive things that had time to happen. It could be any global events, for example, the long-awaited vacation trip or the purchase of a new smartphone. Or something small, some nice little things, for example, a delicious dinner, a pleasant trip to the cinema or even a situation when a person took it and did not oversleep at work, although there was a risk to oversleep and be late. Already at the end of such a “test” week, positive changes will be noticed.

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