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It is important to learn to separate the main essence hidden from criticism from emotions.. Very often, if remarks and statements are submitted in a sharp form or voiced at the moment when a person does not expect this, an extremely strong emotional reaction may follow. Internal feelings, emerging protest usually do not allow to discern a rational link within the resulting criticism. Therefore, it is not worth trying to answer at the very first moment or immediately start blaming yourself and criticizing in addition. It is necessary to give yourself the opportunity to cool down, digest what they heard. This step is especially important for people who are impressionable and very emotional by nature. Sometimes even some offensive utterances conceal a certain truth, to which it is worth listening, to overcome its own internal protest. In order to calm the raging feelings, it is recommended to temporarily switch your attention vector to a different topic, to distract and concentrate on some third-party task. Walk on the air, music, reading help some people to calm emotions.

React only to criticism expressed by authoritative personalities.. In everyday life and in the space of the Internet, you can encounter completely different people. And very often, what is conditionally called criticism is, in fact, a network trolling, a desire to really hurt or offend. Often, people who allow themselves inadequate statements about another person are trying to assert themselves in this way. This must always be remembered. It is worth accepting and considering other people's critical comments if they are received from a person who seems authoritative or is an expert, professional in a particular field. For example, you should listen to the comments and advice of loved ones, parents, friends.

It is necessary to reduce the requirements for yourself. Fulfilling this condition can be very difficult for people prone to “excellent syndrome”, to perfectionism. However, you need to work on yourself in this area. Otherwise, you can quickly come to a state of emotional burnout or even face a full-fledged depression. Man is not capable of being good for one and all. It is important to accept the fact that in life there will always be someone better, more capable, that in the professional sphere or in the sphere of creativity there will always be people who have more experience, who have better managed to pump their skills and abilities. Increased demands on oneself not only will not allow an adequate and calm response to criticism from outside. This feature will also encourage you to independently criticize yourself, blame yourself for mistakes and failures, not allowing you to learn from your mistakes. The life of any person consists of ups and downs, it is necessary to understand and accept. It is important to learn to praise oneself even for small achievements and to look at the world around a little easier. Changing the perception of someone else's assessment is a necessary step to calmly treat any criticism. In the end, you should always remember that each person has his own taste, his own preferences.

Analysis of the received criticism and identification of the basis. So that comments from the outside were not perceived as something exclusively negative, did not underestimate the motivation for action and development, we must learn to find the main essence in the resulting criticism. It is worth asking yourself, for what purpose could a person speak? What exactly are able to give his advice? What happens if you listen to the comments, if you follow the advice? You should not look for excuses for yourself or try to defend immediately, to react sharply to critical criticism in any way. It is likely that a casual or authoritative critic did not want to offend that all the words were voiced only for the purpose of helping in development. If the analysis fails to find the main point, then there is a reason to wonder whether it is worth listening to such criticism, whether it was really expressed with a desire to help and advise something, to point out those mistakes that, if corrected, will be achieved heights

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