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If you have ever wondered whether Create more blogs or only Concentrate on the one you already have then you are not alone I was in the in the middle of your shoes,

A few months after me launched flashlearners.comThe idea of ​​having more than one source of income, exploring other niches and the fear of being banned by Google inspired me create other blogs, At the moment I have several blogs.

Do you think you should create another blog like me? After running several blogs for not in a long timeHere are the reasons why I think you should not or should not have another blog.

For the sake of simplicity, this article is divided into three sections.

  • Reasons why you should have more than one blog,
  • Reasons why you should not have multiple blogs
  • How to manage multiple blogs without going crazy.

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6 reasons why you should have more than one blog

1. Multiple sources of income:

Nothing is as sweet as two or more successful blogs, You simply get money from different angles.

After a lot of effort, me started to earn a fair amount of money from my second blog. The third blog then brought some money to the table. It was really great.

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2. As backup:

You will not realize the benefit of more than one blog or domain until your blog is fully available banned by Google Adsense Team. Another evil that you can make is your website being hacked by Google.

None of my blogs was banned by Google. However, one of my blogs was hacked a few months ago.

Apart from the homepage Marked as chopped by GoogleAll content was not indexed. This means zero organic traffic for me.

It took a lot of technical steps and weeks before I could recover from Google with the hacker and the manual action penalty.

Guess what? I did not go crazy because was there for me.

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3. More exposure:

With more than one blog, you can explore others American, They just become more versatile and complete writer, You have knowledge in several areas and can make several profitable blogs.

If you blog romance and then one technology Niche, it will be very easy for you to shape the tech world romantic … how black is that?

4th experiment:

As a blogger or SEO expert, experimenting with topics is commonplace pluginsGoogle Adsense placements SEO strategies Website transfer and changing codes.

You can even experiment other topics knowing which one helps you to organize more. Experiments can actually make you realize that big mistakes while blogging They already do and how to correct them.

However, some of these experiments may send you to the village. Indeed yours Blog can easily disappear from Google as if it had never existed.

The best way to deal with things and get away with them is to create another blog for experimentation.

5. Your blogs can promote each other:

A good reason why you should have another blog is that your blogs can promote each other.

Instead of paying for sponsored posts in other blogs, I started using my other blogs to promote Flashlearners Waec and post Applications.

Traffic from other blogs helps me reach more audience and sell more products.

6 You have a blog for yourself and as a team:

You may have your own niche blog, but also a team of bloggers you've worked with to create another niche blog.

If you're blogging for someone or working with someone else to manage a blog, it's not a bad idea to have your own blog. It will improve your blogging skills.

In summary, the following benefits of more than one blog:

  • Sales increased
  • Varied content
  • Varied audience
  • Broader social media reach
  • Explore several niches
  • More traffic
  • Simple rank
  • Your blogs can promote each other
  • You can offer a larger service

Why you should not have more than a blog

1. A blog can already quit you:

Blogging life is already hard; Do not make it harder.

Managing a blog is frustrating and time consuming enough. Why would someone then run several blogs? If you currently have a blog, you can already testify to that Blogging is not beans,

2. Shared attention:

It's very hard to focus if you have more than one blog. In fact, what happens to a blog happens to others as well. Managing multiple blogs is like marrying multiple wives.

Running several blogs shared my attention. There came a point where the readers noticed that I was not consistent anymore Flash Lerner,

If you imagine doing the following in two or more blogs, you will not think of another blog …

  • Create backlinks
  • Create content
  • Submission to Google
  • Review of the analysis
  • Onpage SEO
  • Ranking Monitor
  • Safety measures
  • Pay domains
  • Switch to new hosting
  • maintenance
  • Double danger etc

3. The quality of your content would decrease:

Creating content is easy. What's hard is create high quality content, Focusing on creating quality and SEO-friendly articles makes it extremely difficult for you to successfully run multiple blogs. One or more blogs will surely suffer.

Imagine creating more than 10 articles a day, each unique and containing more than 1500 words. This has led me to abandon some of my blogs.

4. You can end up breaking your baskets:

It is true that it is bad to put all the eggs in a basket. However, do not put your eggs in baskets that you do not trust.

It is better to put the eggs in a good basket than to distribute them on baskets that are not strong enough.

5. A blog can consist of more than five combined blogs:

If you focus on a blog, it is very likely that you will succeed more than if you have 5 blogs. For example, Flashlearners is doing much better than other blogs.

If I had invested the time and energy that I spent on flashlearners and other blogs only at Flash Lernerit would have changed more.

Other reasons why you should not have more than one blog are:

  • It is difficult to manage more than one successful blog
  • It is very likely that you will fail (all your blogs).
  • Your blood pressure goes up by default
  • You hardly have time to sleep
  • Your social life will go to zero

How to manage more than one blog without being crazy

1. Prioritize your time.

Time is one of the greatest values ​​that are made available to humans alike. What you do with time determines what life will do to you.

Learn how to manage your time so that you can complete the tasks in your blog. Keep a healthy blogging schedule and Post ideas to control the traffic,

When we start a creative project, most of us have an optimistic view that everything fits in well. It's easy to imagine that you can fit into several blogs a week and maintain this year-round schedule to overwhelm you before you even start.

It's better to start slowly and work your way up than start and burn out many items before you gain traction.

Even if you can only publish content every other week, the best thing you can do for any blog is to stay consistent and keep going.

2. Hire people to help you

The best way to do more than one blog without going crazy is to use other people to help you. They make your life easier.

Hiring people may not mean they are permanently under you. You can simply set them for a specific task and then continue. Remember that the journey is still far. You could end up with a leper in the end.

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What do you make of it? Would you go further? Create multiple blogs or just stay with one? Feel free Share this post with your friends and do not let me know how you are dealing with the Comment box,




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