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Murat Anatolyevich Thagalegov (born July 30, 1984) Lollita

Childhood and love for music Mura Anatolievich Thagalegov was born on July 30, 1984. Murat is a native of the city of Nalchik. According to the common custom of Caucasian families, Murat is far from being the only child in the family. In total, his parents have 7 children (Tkhagalegova has four sisters and two brothers). It is known that Murat's father is a person recognizable in Nalchik. He has a CD and DVD sales business. Since the family is large, Tkhagalegova’s mother is a housewife. Murat was very artistic from an early age and loved music. An excellent ear for music was given to Murat by nature itself. The beginning of the development of a musical career After graduating from school, the boy learned to be a jeweler. There is also information that, along with this, he studied and on the legal profile. However, none of these formations of Murat was useful. He was drawn to the music. For a long time, Thagalegov had to work in secret from his relatives. Moreover, it came to the point that, as an employee of a concrete plant, after work, he came to the recording studio and composed music there, which at first did not even think of releasing anywhere. But soon he received an offer to perform at one of the concerts with his work however, Murat was forced to refuse, because everything he received at the plant (which is 250 rubles a day) went to classes in the studio, and there was simply no money for decent clothes to perform. To help the young man came his friend Alibek. Thus, Thagalegov nevertheless came on the scene with the song of his own composition “Alan.” This appearance was the starting point in the career of a novice performer. The song "Alan" got into the rotation on the radio station. After that, the musician did not hide his intentions from anyone to reveal himself and succeed in creativity. Subsequently, several more memorable compositions were released, such as “Crying Wounds”, “Goddess”, “Chaf”. The artist began to give a concert at a concert. As in any musician’s career, Murat has songs that even those who are not his fans know because these are real hits. You could say the musician's business card. Such were the famous songs “Kalym” and “To the disco!”, Which became famous even outside Russia. To date, the artist’s discography has only one album, which, by the way, was released not long ago, in 2015 Many believe that Murat Thagalegoveche did not reach the peak of his fame, and he had everything ahead. Personal Life As for the personal life of the singer, it is partly covered with a veil of secrets. It is credible that Murat is a married man. Moreover, he is also a father. The young man met his future wife in Moscow in 2011. And a year after they met, Murat and Inna became husband and wife. The spouse had time to give birth to the son Thagalegova even before their marriage.

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