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Vadim Tryukhan was born in the Zaporozhye region in 1972. The child finished school well and preserved his love of knowledge for a long time. The thirst for knowledge led to the fact that the young man received several formations. In 1997, he was awarded the diploma of the Institute of Oriental Studies and International Relations. Further training continued at the College of International Security in Germany. This was followed by a Master of Management diploma from the National Academy, which Vadim received in 2001. The pinnacle of education was postgraduate education. Truukhan is fluent in English and Croatian.

An international specialist began his career with the diplomatic service. He worked in various positions, dealt with legal issues, foreign policy and issues of European integration. In 2010, he became ambassador-at-large at the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. Three years later, he headed the work of the foreign economic department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. After his dismissal, he took up analytics at the International Center for Advanced Study. Tryuhan received high ranks of official and diplomat.

From 2014, the stage of active public work began in the biography of Tryukhan. He headed the political council of the Power of the People organization, which was guided by the principle “power for people, not people for power”. The organization aimed to create a strong Ukrainian state in which people would decide how to live. Since 2015, Tryukhan has headed the board of the European Movement of Ukraine organization. Two years later he became a member of the public council at the Ministry of Information Policy.

Vadim's private life is in the shadows. It is known that he has a minor son and daughter. The politician himself is divorced.

Recently, the figure of Tryuhana has become public. He is a frequent guest on Russian television talk shows. Vadim takes a tough and principled pro-Ukrainian position. For many, the persona of a state and political figure is annoying. In the fights, he was not noticed, no one dares to enter into a fight with a seemingly rather strong man, able to stand up for himself. Despite the abundance of formations, he is boorish, communicating with opponents arrogantly, forgetting about elementary ethics. Even during a minute of silence on one of the TV broadcasts, his hatred and Russophobia took over, for which the guest was removed from the studio.

Vadim Valerievich's optimism is surprising and amazing. Not paying attention to the problems that are present in Ukraine, he believes that everything is fine in his country. Perhaps this behavior is an attempt to return to power and big politics.

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