#GrowOnlinewithChinny: From the online community to the full-blown business! Tips from the CEO of Naija Natural -Nigerian

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To like Gary Vaynerchuk said, "Content is king, but marketing is queen and leads the household."

Social media gives bloggers, business owners, and businesses of all sizes the ability to build an audience that wants to connect, learn, or buy from them. However, having great content and a large audience is not enough, and your marketing game must be strong too.

In 2012, Sin brought to life Naija Naturals, an online community for natural hair enthusiasts, after five years of blogging. The online community was a great place to share information on how to deal with natural hair and wigs, and it included a directory of over 300 natural hair salons. This online community has now become an online store for products and a physical location. Best of all, Tosin keeps other sources of revenue open – product reviews and brand collaboration on both YouTube and Instagram. She agreed to give some tips on how to win online. Let's go inside!

Treat your passion as a full-time job.

Tosin ascribes her ability to effectively handle her various dumbbells as meticulous. She is passionate about doing things the best way possible. She is the top-notch planner who stays disciplined. "I treat my business like a 9-5. I start early and make sure that everything is done as if I was responsible to a higher boss, "says Tosin. I also have a doctorate in delegating tasks. I do not sweat the little things. I've set up my business to run effectively without me. "

Tosin's regular day depends on whether she lives in Nigeria, where her shop is, or in Glasglow, where she lives with her husband. In Naija, their typical day includes sorting and processing orders to pick up their logistics partners, prepare for the new day, and greet the walk-in customers. She takes the time to update her inventory and complete other trading activities early in the day, taking photos for her brand's PR and brainstorming for a new campaign when needed. She also photographs for brands with whom she works as a blogger. Most nights she's busy editing content for her Youtube channel or paying her paid commissions.

There are good things online! Do your research.

For Tosin, the answer to maximizing online marketing opportunities is consistent research. She was able to assert herself in the online business by not replicating other brands but remaining authentic and conducting cross-industry research. She described that, as much as she runs a hair business, she could also read an automotive business model to understand the general business rules. So, dear business owner, Google your way through! From podcasts to Instagram, Facebook and Google (as a company), which provide marketing guides for small businesses, the Internet is a goldmine!

Define your target audience and your financial goals.

This may sound like a broken record, but I think many companies do not have it yet. How will you serve an audience that you have not defined?

Tosin describes one of the biggest mistakes she made at the beginning: she did not define the audience of her brand and tried to market it to everyone. The interesting truth is that not everyone will be interested in your product. Depending on the type of product you are selling or the service you offer, not all may require your product. And that's okay. Another mistake that Tosin mentioned here was not to set up monthly marketing budgets because freebies can only do so much. In other words, you can not invest all the work, but sleep on your bank balance. When she defined the target group of her brand and set clear goals, everything changed.

Instagram is great, but it's not the only marketing tool.

Instagram is great. You should not sleep on Instagram in 2018. But is the platform the best solution for your business? What happens if the story changes tomorrow? Do you have an actual marketing plan?

When I asked Tosin if she thought we could put all our eggs in the Instagram basket, she literally laughed aloud. In her opinion, "Instagram is someone else's platform, and you can not control the narrative. Social media apps are constantly changing. There are so many possibilities that you can explore. "She described a situation where, thanks to e-mail marketing, someone had made millions of naira out of selling an e-book on weight loss. Tosin also recommended that online entrepreneurs consider partnering programs, physical activations, concession and storage platforms, and online platforms such as Konga and Jumia.

If you focus on moving traffic to another source, such as: For example, in your blog or online store, Instagram is great. However, this is not the only option. Have you looked at Pinterest? Instagram is evolving into an outrageous app that's not designed to direct traffic to another source, but rather a platform where you can search for a product or service and complete the transaction in the app. It really is a great tool for business owners and content creators to maximize, but it's also important to diversify them. Most importantly, research and find the best platform for your business.

Be your best authentic self

Personally, I think it's a big deal to be a blogger or video creator. Do you combine that with an online business? I really needed to know how Tosin did it, and her simple jewel was: to be your best authentic self. Bring your best self to the table, not the mediocre version.

Closing words from Tosin to you: building up structure early. Do not wait for the company to be busy before creating a structure. Use automation tools to make sure your business can continue working while you're away.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. You can connect with Tosin on Instagram or shoot me a DM here, If you would like to receive more online marketing tips, join me E-mail List Here.

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