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Society has collapsed several times in human history. Great civilizations like Egypt, Babylon and Rome disappeared so fast that many unprepared ones were decimated. That's why preppers have become more and more numerous. Our friends at 5.11 Tactical are subcontractors for law enforcement and the armed forces. Therefore, it was only natural to offer civilians their robust products.

To prove their skills in the automotive world, they turned a 2017 Ford Raptor into the ultimate survival rig. If I woke up with zombies tomorrow at the window, I would be grateful for this truck. The total amount of the parts amounts to more than 225,000 US dollars, whereby the construction time was not considered. Anderson Composites supplied the carbon fiber fenders and bonnet. Among them is a 5.11 grille and a bumper. The roof rack is provided with stainless steel wires to protect the windshield from shocks.

Fenix ​​LED lights are protected by steel everywhere and in most areas. SPA Technique supplied a 10-pound fire extinguisher system with automatic / manual heat block. It can be activated by a handle in the center console or by the automatic switch 173 *. If you get into a hot situation, the vehicle is attached to hard areas at critical points of the truck.

Rotiform offered its forged CCV-OR 20-inch beadlock wheels (including the replacement part) in 37 × 12.50-inch coopers. In a comforter for two beds, two SPA HHex 2kg fire extinguishers and enough space for food and water can be accommodated. The tubular roll bar serves as a large storage container for the on-board compressor Viair 400C. It can be quickly disconnected in several places to run pneumatic tools or to inflate tires quickly. It also contains four tactical cases of 5.11. Above them are two Gryphon BrakeN ™ rake tools that are more medieval than a battleax.

Inside, you are treated with Katzkin leather on the seats and door panels. In the middle of the dashboard is an auxiliary instrument display AEM CD-7, which displays everything under the hood. The Jet Hot coated Corsa exhaust is bolted to two TurboSmart Wastegates. If you want to get the turbos up faster, it's important to get out of a bad situation. A Cobb handheld tuner is included if you need more power, but the tune has never been uploaded to the truck. This SEMA star is for sale by our friends on Pagani Newport Beach. Click on the link below to see all the details!

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