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Sani Danja releases the music Legends (Style-Plus, J. Martins & Chyddy K) after being released for a while. When the time is right, the music changes, and here is a well-perfected song titled # Thumbsup4atiku Theme Song.

With the current situation of the country, the music legends show that Atiku massively provided an outstanding melody to encourage and motivate the youth to vote for the right choice.

We connect musicians and dancers to provide everyone with a bigger, better and more visible platform to express their art. After all, creativity is powerful, but only if shared with others. Make your own song for this title song of choice # thumbsup4Atiku. Publish a video online in a group. Share your talent with thousands of other dancers around the world. Three lucky winners will get a chance to be on the main video, as well as with a fabulous prize.

Listen and share your thoughts. # thumbsup4Atiku.

Note: There is a file embedded in this post. Visit this post to download the file.

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