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They are class and there are places where only men thread. When it comes to classes and cars in Nigeria, the Nigerian governors will keep pace in Africa. A few years ago it was widely reported that a former governor has 32 SUVs, even 32 SUVs.

The governor of a state is the chief security officer of the state. Its task is to ensure that the state is protected from damage and attacks and attractive to investors. Nigerians love cars, especially when it brings class and opulence and that mentality has gotten into the government building.

Governors governing Nigeria's economy, Lagos and rivers, as they are so rich that they are richer than some African countries, have to move safely and one of the many ways in which they are protected is through them company car. As of 2017, there are two governors who have Range Rover Sentinel in their vehicle fleet. For security reasons, it's difficult to see the state media crew take the governor's official car, but these two have defied the norms that are always seen in this animal.

AutoReportNG brings to you Nigeria's governors who own Range Rover Sentinel in their fleet and also as an official car.

1. Gov Ambode of the State of Lagos

Gov Ambode is best described as a man of class, luxury and who knows his onions. The ever-laboring governor of the richest state in Nigeria needs to be protected when he does his job and keeps investors in the state safe. One of his many official cars is the RRS, which is not only a beast, but also a lifesaver.

2nd Governor Wike of Rivers State

Gov Wike is a man you like to hate, he does not hide his feelings and when he speaks he steps on toes. According to reports, the governor personally inspects all road construction throughout the state itself and for a man of such caliber. The man with the oil-rich state number one needs the appropriate protection in this world.

For a regular on the road, the Range Rover Sentinel is just a normal off-road vehicle, but for the security agents, this is just a beast. Any governor who wants to buy this in Nigeria has to think twice, as this is not a beast for children.


For a governor whose daily routine presents a danger of being shot at or bombarded but whose taste can not be found on presidential limousines, the new Range Rover Sentinel could easily fit into the bill. Although other Range Rovers have been modified by third-party companies, this is the first Armored Land Rover that has been fully developed internally by the company's Special Vehicle Operations department.

Model / specification

The Range Rover Sentinel was built in a Land Rover facility in Oxford Road and is based on a standard-range Range Rover autobiography. For the random eye it looks almost identical. Under the enamel, however, are a steel-clad armored passenger compartment and multi-layered laminated glass windows of optical quality with an opening of 100 mm in the driver's window, through which documents and very small orders can be handed over.

The Sentinel is certified by QinetiQ to VR8 standard against ballistic threats. This means that it can withstand 7,62mm high armor piercing fire rounds, 15kg (33lb) TNT explosions and DM51 shells under the ground as well as on the ground. In addition, there is a tamper-proof exhaust, a self-sealing fuel tank and an additional backup battery with shared charging system.


Under the hood, the Sentinel features a 340-horsepower, 3-liter V6 supercharged gasoline engine with a specially calibrated ZF 8-speed gearbox, as well as revised dynamic stability control and stability control systems that range the vehicle with road capabilities Rover. This is partly intended to provide a better chance of escape in an emergency, but also to take account of the fact that the owners of such high security vehicles like to drive them and prefer little or no power loss.

In the case of an attack, the special 20-inch alloy wheels (50.8 cm) are equipped with runflat tires and run-flat tires (380 mm at the front and 365 mm at the rear) with high-density brake discs. If the doors are blocked, there is an escape route system behind the rear seats.

The Range Rover Sentinel celebrates its world premiere at the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition at London's ExCeL Arena, which takes place September 15-18. It is expected to be sold in the United Kingdom, Europe, South America, Africa and the US for the Middle East 400,000 € (446,000 US dollars), Orders placed this month and converted to Naira will cost a lot 162 million naira.


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