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Security forces in Bayelsa State have demonstrated some deadly armed robbers and cultists arrested in the state.

The criminals were demonstrated by the police
The State Vigilante Service (BSVS) of Bayelsa, in collaboration with the Nigerian police, executed the killers of Miss Seiyeifa Fred, suspected criminals and cultists, at the Nigerian police headquarters in Yenagoa, the state capital of Bayelsa.
The Chairman of the Vigilante Service Evang. Parkins Ogede praised the residents' support in disseminating vital information and working with the Vigilante Service to arrest the criminals who disrupt the peace of the state.
The Vigilante chairman also assured the residents that the vigilante service would do nothing to bring criminals to justice.
He added that parents should watch their children and report suspicious movements as they fall prey to these evil perpetrators in society.
The State Police Commissioner praised the efforts of the Vigilante Chairman and the entire Vigilante Service for their ongoing efforts to hold criminals accountable.

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