I'm Kurt Gies, social media manager for the Philadelphia 76s, and so I'm becoming a parent -Nigerian

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Photo: Courtesy of Kurt Gies

Kurt Gies is in his fourth season at the Philadelphia 76ers and currently works as the team's senior social media manager. He is responsible for leading the digital team, which includes the development, creation and distribution of content across all social media and digital platforms. Kurt is on tour around 20 away matches per season, as well as playoffs, summer league and draft and digital conferences throughout the year, resulting in more than 40 outdoor days each year.

Surname: Kurt Gies

Place: Outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Job: Senior Social Media Manager for the Philadelphia 76ers

Family: My wife Amanda; one-year-old daughter, Hazel; and an eight-year-old dog, Roo

Has parenting changed your way of working?

Becoming a parent has changed as much as I do everything. When it comes to work, I wanted to work harder and be better, to give her a better life and make her proud, but it also puts me in the right perspective. It's easy to go to work, especially something as challenging as my job, but at the end of the day, it's just a job and my daughter, my wife, my family …

Do you have special family rituals?

We have these very large, almost floor-to-ceiling windows in front of our house and every morning when I go to work our daughter stands by the window waving … and I wave back … then she smiles … then I smile back at her … then she laughs … and I laugh … then I go to the car, turn around and waved back emphatically … and she does the same. I probably need another 15 minutes to leave, but it always starts my day right.

How do you share household / childcare responsibilities with your partner?

I feel we are working pretty well to share and conquer. I work odd hours and travel pretty often. So my goal is always to take on so many tasks that my wife who stays home gets a break when I'm home. Fortunately, the 76's are very family friendly and recognize our hours and travels. So I can work from home and later go into the house and spend as much time as possible with our daughter. Even before Hazel was born, our motto was always GSD … Get Stuff Done. It does not matter how, just make it and get it done, and we've stayed pretty faithful to it.

What tips or tricks do you have to stay connected while you're away?

Technology is really a nice thing sometimes. FaceTime is essential for us. We've been doing that since I was 3 months old with Hazel. It was not just about satisfying my needs, talking to my wife and seeing Hazel until she picked them up on the phone, looked at me and blabbed me and waved goodbye when we're done.

Which gadgets, apps, charts or tools do you need?

Photo: Courtesy of Kurt Gies

Funny that the digital / social media guy and his family do not use gadgets, apps, charts, or tools, but we're pretty old-fashioned. My wife uses a small board in our kitchen to work out the meal plan of the week. We have a 76ers magnet on our fridge to track all the games, and a free Humane Society calendar on our fridge to keep track of dates, dates, dog medicine, and anything else that can be written with a sharpie ,

What should your daughter learn from your example?

It can be a strange, but perspective. I'm not perfect, but I always try to stay pretty. not too high, not too low, and I think it's really important to keep everything in perspective. No matter what happens at school or at work, around the world or on social media. Nothing is the end of the world.

What's your favorite part of the day?

Return home. It's probably an obvious answer, but when I come home every day, our daughter is so excited and turns into a little ball of energy. She screams "Dada!" And runs through the house, smiles, laughs, brings me books to read and climbs everything about me. It is the best.

What would you say to other parents who are making a career?

SI think of my answer about the perspective: If you withdraw all layers of life, remember what is most important … and it does not work.

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