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There are a million different ways to sell your old phone before you buy something shiny, new, and probably much more expensive than your previous device. The classic advice is "eBay your phone" – unless you still believe in Craigslist or want to whirl the Facebook Marketplace – you have two options if you want to sell a smartphone through the Auction Giant. You can offer it for auction in the same way as you have done since you unloaded your Beanie Baby collection, or you can try the new "eBay instant selling" program.

If your older smartphone is eligible – eBay does a huge FAQ and Online sales assistant You can find out if this is the case – then eBay buys your device directly. (Technically, you sell the device to CExchange, but eBay simplifies the deal.) You enter the details of your device, state it, state what accessories you still own, and eBay gives you a price. Accept the offer and you submit the device for review in the hope that CExchange will agree with your assessment. You will receive an eBay coupon that you can use immediately for the service, which is a nice touch. Waiting for your "money" over other services can be annoying.

Your eBay coupon limits you to eBay, so it's not as good as cash (or a digital payment) from bar) for your device. However, if you offer a lot of eBay or the deal is right, you can do a pretty decent job by sacrificing your device to an eBay instant sell.

I've looked at a few phones that are eligible for the eBay service, and this compares the eBay listings with other sales services that you can use. (Note: You must purchase a shipping label to use the eBay service and will be charged a 10 percent end-of-stay fee, which does not reflect any or any other third-party fees and can never be waived.)

iPhone X
Photo: Apple

Apple iPhone X

The specifications: 256 GB, unlocked, empty, CDMA + GSM, used, very good condition, all original accessories

eBay Instant Sale: $ 714

A normal eBay auction: probably around $ 700- $ 750

Amazon Trade-in: Not available

Gazelle: $ 495

SWaPPa: At $ 730- $ 850

Apple Trade-In: $ 500

Summary: You can throw dice by auctioning your iPhone X on eBay, and you might get a little more, but you might not. You probably will not be able to redeem $ 800 for an iPhone X unless you contact a site like Swappa. And even then you roll a bit. Still, it's worth trying if you can get at least $ 800 for it. Otherwise, the instant voucher from eBay – minus the fees that you have to pay on a website like Swappa – is not a bad deal, especially as you have guaranteed a sale.

iPhone 8
Photo: Apple

Apple iPhone 8

The specifications: 64 GB, not locked, spaces, CDMA + GSM, used, very good condition, all original accessories

eBay Instant Sale: $ 400

A normal eBay auction: probably $ 350- $ 400 (with a few outliers of $ 500 +)

Amazon Trade-in: $ 255

Gazelle: $ 245

SWaPPa: $ 500- $ 700

Apple Trade-In: $ 275

Summary: If you want to part with your older iPhone, I definitely try Swappa. EBay's instant voucher program is much better than Amazon, Gazelle, or an Apple Trade-In, but you can probably go from $ 100 to $ 300 in addition to swappa. May the resale opportunity always be in your favor.

Pixel 2
Photo: Google

Google Pixel 2

The specifications: Unlocked, 128 GB, black, used, very good condition, all original accessories

eBay Instant Sale: $ 383

A normal eBay auction: $ 380 to $ 420

Amazon Trade-in: $ n / a

Gazelle: $ 245

SWaPPa: $ 450-475

Apple Trade-In: $ 200

Summary: Once again Swappa is at the top, but not very much. If you can not find any buyers at the service, I'll probably try a normal eBay auction. Even at the bottom, you will probably still achieve what you get from an instant voucher – and you will not be stuck with "eBay dollars."

Galaxy S8
Photo: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S8

The specifications: Unlocked, 64 GB, black, used, very good condition, all original accessories

eBay Instant Sale: $ 246

A normal eBay auction: 175-380 $

Amazon Trade-in: $ 170

Gazelle: $ 185

SWaPPa: $ 300-320

Apple Trade-In: $ 150

Summary: This is difficult. I could not get involved in a good selling price for the Samsung Galaxy S8 on eBay because the spread is huge. Some are fortunate and earn quite a bit of value for their one-and-a-half-year-old smartphones, while others barely outperform an Apple Trade-In (yuck). The instant voucher program from eBay will be displayed directly in the middle. Swappa is probably the best choice if there is a lot of interest, but then I would probably take an instant voucher. You do not want to go for an extra $ 100, right?

Is eBay's Instant Selling program a good deal?

Your best bet is to try Swappa for a few days. If you do not get customers, you can try the instant selling program. It's nice to have a guaranteed sale because you never really know what your older smartphone might sell for.higher, great! lower, bad!– If you choose the eBay auction route. If you sell your device directly to eBay, you will not get rich, but you will not get mad if your auction does not go according to plan.

If you want to sell a newer device, you probably will not be able to use eBay's instant-selling program. If you already plan to give up your iPhone XR or Pixel 3, you should of course go to the store and really try out your next big smartphone purchase before you buy it.

I would avoid more established trade-in services like Apple or third-party services like Gazelle, unless you do not want your money tied to the eBay platform. That's the obvious drawback of eBay's instant voucher program, but it's not such a big deal to turn around and use that credit on a brand new smartphone (via eBay auction). You can also browse many other trade-in services, such as the mobile service provider of your smartphone, to see if you can get a better deal.

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