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The Commission on Economic and Financial Crime (EFCC) has brought the jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Justice in Abuja to force him to arrest and prosecute the head of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Adams Oshiomhole.

However, the anti-graft agency, which admitted that it received petitions accusing Oshiomhole of complicity in corruption, said it was under no obligation to report its investigations to individuals or on a specific schedule to perform its functions.

EFCC has therefore called on the Supreme Court to dismiss the suit calling for a mandamus order to initiate criminal proceedings against the embattled APC chairman.

The lawsuit, filed with the court by Bishop Osadolor Ochei, the clerk and activist of Edo State, FHC / ABJ / CS / 628/2018, challenges the court to declare that the EFCC is required by law to bring various lawsuits To investigate petitions containing allegations of financial recklessness against Oshiomhole.

In particular, the petitioner alleged that Oshiomhole, who had been sued as the second respondent while in office as Edo State Governor, had $ 10 billion worth of real estate in the United States, South Africa and Dubai and well above his legitimate one Earned income.

He claimed before the court that the ex-governor had built in his known as Iyamho hometown during his tenure, a sprawling mansion, whose value was more than 10 billion euros.

According to the complainant, "the building was constructed by Verissimo, a South African architectural practice. The house of the 2nd respondent has swimming pools, water fountains, several theaters for cinema and live performances, large event halls, bridges, artificial lake and lodges of various sizes.

"The mentioned costs for the construction of the villa are far beyond the legal income of the 2nd respondent. The lifestyle and scope of the second respondent was not justified by his source of income. "

The petitioner informed the court that he petitioned the EFCC on November 4, 2016, in which he outlined some corrupt practices involving the ex-governor.

He argued that EFCC's refusal to respond to petitions containing "serious allegations" against Oshiomhole was contrary to section 15 (5) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), which requires the state to abolish corrupt practices calling.

In the meantime, EFCC has received a preliminary appeal filed by its attorney team under the direction of the Head of its Department of Law and Public Prosecutor, Mr. G.K. Latona, apart from the petitioner's request to file the lawsuit, stated that he had a discretion in how to use his available staff to investigate petitions filed with him.

"This investigation of cases is a holistic process that requires time, resources, cooperation between authorities, interviewing different people and collecting evidence over a long period of time depending on the nature of the case and other variables," he told the court.

In addition, in an affidavit with eleven paragraphs rejected by one of its collaborators, Mr Yusuf Musa, the Commission told the court that it was carrying out its investigations "professionally and discreetly" before the arrest and prosecution of defendants.

"This 1st respondent is a statutory body primarily responsible for investigating and prosecuting economic and financial crimes.

"That the 1st interviewee has received numerous petitions in his eleven offices in different parts of the country against different people from domestic and foreign since its establishment in the year 2003 and to the today's day.

"The investigation of these numerous petitions and criminal charges, including intelligence reports, was carried out professionally and methodically by the 1st respondent, in accordance with the strength of the staff and the power of attorney.

"This first interviewee discreetly and relentlessly handles all complaints, without political, ethnic, religious and other considerations, in performing his statutory duties of investigating and prosecuting economic and financial crimes.

"That the 1st interviewee has stepped up the war on corruption through various initiatives, including the Coalition Against Corruption Women and the Promotion of Whistle Blower Policy, which has resulted in several recoveries of illegal money.

"That the 1st respondent has a discretion on how he can use his available workforce to investigate petitions submitted to him.

"This respondent is under no obligation to submit his or her investigation to an individual or to a schedule in which to perform their duties," said EFCC.

It was said that it would be in the interest of the judiciary to have the court strike out the lawsuit, which did not have jurisdiction, and misrepresent court proceedings.

In a written address attached in support of the appeal, EFCC claimed that issuing an order for the arrest and prosecution of Oshiomhole, as pleaded in the lawsuit, could lead to "chaos and turmoil" in politics.

"We assert in this regard that if this honorable court grants the facilitation of the applicant, in particular if it concerns the 1st Respondent, he would open a flood of motions, with the aim to make the applicant a trial lawyer, the 1st Respondent to specify how, when, where and against whom the first interviewee should act in the performance of his duties. The chaos and turmoil that can create this scenario in the top can only be imagined.

"The tenor and principles of a democratic society are adamant that an authority like the 1st respondent is instructed or forced to perform its functions in a particular way, the more the 1st respondent can not be prosecuted or Prosecution as required by the applicant or by anyone.

"We urge this honorable court to reject the petitioner's application because it is not suspect and has no merit," added EFCC.


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