The industrialist calls on the government to intensify the war on counterfeit products in order to boost the economy -Nigerian

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Godwin Ezeemo, an industrialist from Anambra, has called on the country's authorities to intensify efforts to launch a war on counterfeit products and falsification of products in Nigeria.

He has organized the call in Umuchu, Aguata Local Government Area Anambra, on the 10th customer forum of Sokka International.

The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that the forum entitled "Quality Assurance for Sustainable Economic Growth and Nation-Building" was designed to pioneer the process of verifying product fraud.

Ezeemo, the Chief Executive Officer of Sokka International, an indigenous company founded in 2002, said that authorities responsible for regulating and monitoring counterfeit products should step up action against debtors.

He said that the Nigeria (SON) standardization body, the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) and other regulators, not only in Nigeria but also in other African countries, should support the intensification of their operations.

The Chief Executive Officer urged a comprehensive education campaign to educate the public about the consequences and costs of defending counterfeit products.

He said the company was founded on the aspirations of African markets for first-rate, high-quality, and genuine products in the forestry, horticulture, and general construction markets.

However, Ezeemo expressed concern that Sokka International was under threat from activities by counterfeit operators.

He said that Sokka International, which began with the ultimate vision and mission to meet the requirements of the African forest market, was seriously challenged by the falsification of its products

In his view, Sokka, who has strongly influenced society and the general economy of Africa, is now asking to be saved from extinction against counterfeit products.

"This impact extends to saving lives by creating jobs and enabling markets for traders who trade in our products."

Ezeemo said that the activities of the fraudulent businessmen who flooded the poor quality African market were falsifying and differing from their products, urgently needed attention.

He said that the company has held an annual forum to inform merchants, users and the public on how to identify their goods in order to tag counterfeit products.

Ezeemo, noting that the war on counterfeit products had not yielded much results, urged the government to rescue the company.

"We have made it our mission to educate our customers about counterfeit products and to show them how to get to know the product, but it is not very effective as more stringent measures are needed."

Ekene Ifebundu, one of the company's distributors, said the forum was apt and added that the level at which its products were counterfeited was alarming and that development had impacted sales.

Most of their customers often complained that the products were no longer serving their purpose, adding that these customers are always switching to other brands and dealers are losing their customers.

Ifebundu also called on the government to join forces with the company to combat the counterfeit products in the markets, so it would not be difficult for traders to spot the products they trade with.

Ms. Blessing Emeka, a manager of the company, said the company has experienced steady revenue growth over the years and has increased its operating outlets in more than 5 African countries.

She said the big testimonies confirmed her commitment to carry and tear down real products over the years, but prayed for swift government intervention in the wage against counterfeit products.

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