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An orthopedic breakthrough has given the eight-year-old Beulah Chinemerem Oreoluwade Chigbu, the first child of Mr. and Ms. Azubuike Chigbu, a new zest for life by helping her overcome the adversities that plague her from the womb.

Beulah was born without the tibia (the long bone below the knee) of her right leg, which did not form during pregnancy in the womb. This partially deformed the pretty little girl. It also caused

her parents and herself had a long history of mental pain and suffering leading to a medical solution involving amputation of the improperly formed lower limb and the placement of advanced prosthetics on her upper leg.

Fortunately, she has learned to lead a normal life and do other things she could not do before, and who took her peers for granted because they had two complete legs. Today, the indestructible spirit of Beulah, the abundant grace of God, the overflowing, unwavering love, and the tremendous support of their parents have made them learn ballet dancing.

She can run and kick now. If she wears jeans and sneakers like other small children of her age, you can not imagine that there is a prosthetic prosthesis under the elegant jeans.

In a sense, Beulah also shows that she has the naughty sperm of a child's model, judging by the pose she has taken in the picture on this page, showing her prosthetic limb in all its glory, and she seems to be saying "Thank you, oh Lord, for giving me a new beginning. You never left me. "

Beulah is a positive proof that life is not about how complete one is but how the mind works.

Today the girl, whose mother has revealed a natural love of dancing, participates in all social activities.

Her lively young mother, Ms. Crystal Chigbu, who runs an online show called HopeGrill, says about her daughter: "We never had your leg problem restricted for some reason. Even before we went to the amputation, we raised their permission as young as it was then. I watch her with surprise as she grows from a child to a young girl.

"My daughter loves to dance, of course, all the activities she attends at school are all dancing, she's part of dance clubs, when I noticed that I put her in a ballet lesson, but her teacher paid more attention to her leg condition : She recently added riding a bicycle and has also learned how to firmly support her left leg.

As far as I know, she faces no challenge; Her classmates are already used to her. She is very okay and we are happy and proud of her.

Can she walk with her leg?

Yes, she can walk as much as she can. You can not expect her to run as fast as her mates who have complete legs. "

In a conversation with Sunday Sun, Beulah's mother opened the young girl's effort: "Immediately I took her to a hospital in Enugu, her leg was turned back with a piece of meat and the knee area looked somehow.

The doctors told us that there was a problem; My heartbeat stopped for a moment. I could not understand what it was all about, and I asked, "Is the child still alive?" When she was brought home after the normal tidying up, I cried like David in the Bible in Ziglag, until there was no power left in me. It was a painful sight. Tears and bitterness did not restore her legs and the journey to solution began immediately.

"First, we chose X-rays. We were in the consulting room of the orthopedic doctor. It was a sad experience. It worried us so much, including our families, spiritual members and leaders. I prayed and cried from the day I thought, hoping that one day her leg would suddenly become normal, but it did not. Everyone in and around us supported us, even if they were just as destroyed and disturbed. "

She continued the story and said: "Our parents, who were looking forward to the birth of their grandson, could not boldly express their feelings about the circumstances surrounding the birth of my daughter, Beulah. But in all we give glory to God.

"We were told that her leg needs to be amputated. Between my husband and me, this decision was a heavy pill to swallow. At that time, a lot was going through my head. I seriously wondered why a child who was normally born and was not involved in any accident, be it on the street or in the air, was suddenly rolled into a hospital theater for amputation of the leg.

The trauma became harder for us, but we had God on our side and supportive families.

"The moment all family members agreed to amputation, my husband and I began to do a lot of research to understand if we were making the right decision for them.

We also tried to understand what had happened and asked many questions from all the available doctors who approached us, but we were told that deformity was not a common occurrence. We were not sure if it was best to amputate her leg. We were still in a shaky belief as humans, but eventually we left the country and did a lot of research just to make sure we did not regret all of our decision.

Before we had the amputation, we asked Beulah questions to hear them. We also raised her. "Is it all right if we remove the bad part of the leg and give you a prosthetic leg that would help you walk, jump and play? She agreed because she had crept back then. We all agreed and were psychologically seen

prepared and we went to the amputation. It was finally done when she was two years old; it was refilled, healed properly and she got an artificial leg. "

As expected, Ms. Chigbu was unhappy with her deformity and wondered why this happened to her.

"Was there something I did not do right during my pregnancy? I'm sure I've stuck to all my birth aids. Was it my fault? What did not I understand correctly as a mother? But there were no comforting answers.

As Sun continued to learn from her, at no time did she take any traditional or herbal formulations with the normal birth means prescribed by her orthodox physician before birth. During the entire pre-delivery period, the deformity was not detected during the various ultrasound examinations she had during pregnancy before birth.

"Today, after eight years, Beulah is a happy girl. Before the amputation was carried out, she was already at school and only sat in one place. Your teachers helped when needed. She knows exactly what happened and can talk about it herself.

If she wants to retire to bed, she removes her leg, drops it next to her, and fixes herself when she has to get up. In her school, she dances ballet and the leg does not restrict what other children do.

"When she was younger, sometimes she felt bad when she saw other full-legged children in school. Then she would come back and ask when her own leg would regrow. I'll tell her that the leg would not regrow because it was artificial. I would tell her that she could do anything.

so what. "

As it gets bigger, the prosthesis would have to be adjusted according to its size and weight. Beulah has adjusted so well that she no longer asks why her leg is different from that of her brothers. More importantly, the parents did not hide them from the public or from their legs.

In that regard, her mother told Sunday Sun: "I took time to raise her, and she knows exactly what happened to her. There is no evidence that this incident occurred in the lineage of the family. It's just our luck that it happened. Science has proven that it is a chance event that occurs once in millions of pregnancies.

I want to believe that we have done well, because their happiness is our joy. She is now a happy girl and lives life without restrictions and apologies. We did not want to run the risk of embarrassment or a situation in which she would shy away from her friends and classmates.

We are thankful to God that we have reached our goal. "Against this background, and in connection with the fact that every time Chigbu went to the hospital with her daughter for examination, she would see other children who had the same challenge. The urge to help emerged as a couple.

Beulah's parents decided to open the "Irede Foundation", which they can use to reach other people with similar problems.

Basically, the "Irede Foundation" aims to ensure that we can teach society and often set up a support system by providing the artificial leg after a child has been diagnosed and amputated. The foundation does not perform any operations but supports children between the ages of 0 and 18 with prosthetic hands and legs.

We could help with calipers and walkers to help a child walk. Meanwhile, the foundation is six years old and ready to celebrate.

The aim is to give amputated children a voice in society, to encourage them to avoid discrimination and to inform the public that an amputee is not a capital punishment. Amputee children can lead a self-sufficient and fulfilling life.

The big picture is to be advocated, informed and educated " Said Ms. Chigbu.

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