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Based on the topic Whiners, you hesitated!

I, apparently, a classic whiner. I left the office a long time ago, I sit here, I am self-employed, I lay tile, I put it on conscience, I regularly commit an economic crime, asking customers to pay in cash with understandable criminal goals. Well, in general, there is enough life, bread, though without black caviar, but quite with butter and not with margarine. Customers – a hodgepodge from forums, from aggregators, on a sundress. But from time to time there’s a riot in the ribs and whispers, “Well, find your uncle who will provide you with orders. You’ll work with your hands, don’t blow, and don’t think where to find the new order. those for whom I’m a whiner. Well, just for specifics, I’m working on tiles, I’m not going to talk about other finishing specialties, I don’t have an ear or a snout on them. A very average price, of course. You can find it for 3000r, you can also for 800 But for 800r you will be 100% laid out by a master who speaks Russian poorly and from a tool has a grinder at best. I’m just to understand the cost of the work. And here it suddenly turns out that employers are ready to make me happy with orders They propose … opanka – 200r per square. And yes, I, apparently, are a whiner. Than I vybyvat for these pennies, I prefer to rest for a week until I find another order. to proud non-whiners. So, purely neigh photo. Honestly steal from the thematic forum, I have blurred the logo of the forum, so as not to ogresti lyulyu from admins, and the phones did not specifically become. If there are master finishers, not whiners, of course – fly in, job offers.

Before you go! Share this content on any social media platform

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