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Actor Nollywood, Funsho Adeolu, has revealed why Yoruba actors do not have a six-pack and why their English-speaking counterparts do.

According to Funsho Adeolu, most English-speaking actors have six-packs because they are not real actors but models. However, most Yoruba actors do not have this because they are always busy.

"You have plenty of time to do exercises. They are models and not really actors. I am not joking. A busy actor would only think about his health and do the usual exercise to keep himself fit. What do I use a six-pack for? I want to dress and be seen as a role model.

"In the Yoruba-speaking movie set, once you've reached a certain age, you would not have the role of a little boy, so I do not need a six-pack. If you keep a six-pack, it gets to a point where it becomes a nonsense pack because it would not use it anymore. The only one is a healthy life.

"If you see that you become obese, work on it. I was a model, but I did not have a six-pack. I also learned Taekwondo. I'm not saying a six pack is bad or that it's bad looking nice. When I have to take a picture, I can easily pinch my stomach.

"I started with the English-speaking genre and then joined the Yoruba-speaking part of the industry. I'm more comfortable with the Yoruba-speaking industry sector because I'm learning a lot here. I'm not learning anything in the English-speaking world, "he said.

In the marriage crisis and the sad ends of celebrity marriages, the actor said on Saturday that he had sworn as a small child that he would never have a broken marriage.

"As a child I decided that I would not have a broken home because I grew up in one. I said my kids would grow up together and see both parents until we die. I thank God that we never had a crisis that shook the foundation of our marriage.

"Women like to be seen as having the house, and I allow it because I know that I am the breadwinner of the family. I do not praise it about my wife; she is my girlfriend. If anything leads to a gap between us, we will not sleep until we talk about it. Once we have finished the rift, we will do it as husband and wife and in the morning everything is fine. She would smile before leaving the house, "Funsho Adeolu said.

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