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The young man was accused of a crime, at the time of which he “committed” he was taking photos elsewhere.

Texas resident Christopher Prekopia accused his ex-girlfriend of the attack. The ex-girlfriend of the young man told the police that he had entered her house and cut the “X” mark on her chest with a cardboard knife. This writes USA Today.

State police arrested Prekopii and put him in the Williamson County Jail prison, accusing him of other robbery attacks as well. Whereas the guy himself had no idea what was going on.

Prove Christopher's innocence took his parents. For a start, they paid a bail of 150 thousand dollars for their son. And then, knowing the date of the alleged attack, indicated by his former girlfriend, they just remembered that on that day they were 65 miles away from the crime scene, staying at a hotel in Austin. The photos that Christopher posted on Facebook that day were able to confirm this. They contain a date, and in the post there are both geotags and links to the names of several people who were with him that evening.

Later, the girl accused the young man admitted that they had problems in the relationship, at a time when they met as schoolchildren. And so she decided to just annoy the ex-boyfriend. And one of the policemen, commenting on the case, said that the police should carefully check the information before arresting the suspects.


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