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Alleged Buhari double and the spirit of public inquiry

This week will feature a trend story that began when Buhari returned to the UK in 2017 after 104 days of medical treatment. Many were surprised that after his return Buhari interrupted several extremely negative rumors during his medical stay in the UK, he looked younger and lighthearted.

Not surprisingly, his return triggered several conspiracy theories: is this really the sick Buhari who we are told is brain dead or are we being deceived? Some of the theories for explaining the "newer", younger and more overbearing Buhari included that he was supported daily with a high dose of steroids and that the "new" Buhari is actually a man named Jubrin from Sudan, not the Buhari who does it was elected president in 2015.

The story "Buhari is Jubrin" has echoes of the "Birther movement" in the United States. While Obama's campaign for the US Presidency in 2008 (and even throughout his presidency), there were several efforts to legitimize his candidacy and presidency through groups that falsely claimed he was not a "natural" American, as required by Article 2 the constitution of the country and was therefore not qualified to run first and foremost for the presidency of the country.

The "conspiracy theories" promoted by the Birther movement ranged from asserting that Obama's birth certificate was a forgery to counterfeiting hints that his actual birthplace was not Hawaii but Kenya. Other allegations were that Obama became a citizen of Indonesia as a child (and thus lost his US citizenship) and that he was born a dual citizen (British and American citizen) and therefore not a born human within the meaning of Article 2 of the US Constitution.

Some of the Birthers even went to court to get a ruling that Obama was declared ineligible for the office he sought (and eventually held for eight years), or wanted the courts to grant them access to specific records of which they claim they could prove their case against Obama. All their efforts failed. I am not surprised when the story "Buhari is Jubrin" is in court, if not for something to further dramatize it.

Despite the fact that Obama released his official Hawaiian birth certificate before the 2008 election and also issued a certified copy of his original "Certificate of Live Birth" in April 2011 (as well as birth announcements published in Hawaii newspapers) Surveys very instructive It was already done in 2010 (before the release of April 11), and it was thought that at least 25 percent of American adults said they had doubts about Obama's US birth.

Mitchell Obama in her recently released biography, Becomewas quoted as saying that she would never forgive President Trump because he belongs to the minds of the Birther movement. That will tell us how much such a campaign has brought to them and how much it has influenced the Obama presidency.

Are people just stupid or gullible to believe stories like the 'Buhari is Jubrin' story? Not really. While for many it's just a satire – something that adds color and excitement to the entire political process – there are quite a few who actually believe in the story, or at least are not sure what to believe, because the story is littered with stories is great deception, including unimaginable political decoys. Consider the following:

In Britain, a "Dr. Carl Kuon Suo" published a manuscript in the 1950s Third Eye, Shortly before the manuscript was published by Secker & Warburg in 1956, the author changed his name to Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. In the book what The author claimed to be a worldwide bestseller lama (a teacher of dharma in Tibetans Buddhism) in Tibet and related an alleged experience of growing up in a monastery there from the age of seven years. Dr. Rampa also claimed that at that time, a small hole was drilled in his forehead that aroused his "third" (or "inner") eye and gave him very strong clairvoyance.

The spirit of the critical investigation forced Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountaineer and Tibetologist, to hire a private investigator, Clifford Burgess, to help drive Dr. Rampa and his claims to investigate. The detective could Dr. Revealing Rampa as Cyril Henry Hoskin Englishman who was born in Devon and whose father was a plumber. It was also noted that contrary to the claims in the book, Mr. Hoskin had never been to Tibet and no Tibetan spoke.

Caught in the act, Dr. Not that Rampa was born as Cyril Hoskin, however, claimed that his body was now occupied by the spirit of Lobsang Rampa. Curious as a student in Nigeria in the 1980s, Lobsang Rampas Third Eye was a kind of fashion accessory for a certain category of students who claimed to seek spiritual enlightenment. And this was about thirty years after "Lobsang Rampa" was exposed in Europe as a fraud.

Political decoy (also called doppelganger) is also not an unusual form of deception. For example, Joe R Reed, a US Army undersecretary from 1993 to 1997, alleged that a number of individuals around the world – including Manuel Noriega of Panama, Fidel Castro, and George W. Bush – had or had decoys , Of Noreiga's alleged four decoys, Reeds allegedly said, "They were good. They practiced his gait, his speech and his approach – what he did day and night. "It was also rumored that the strong Russian man Josef Stalin had a" twin, "Felix Dadaev, who replaced him in certain situations. It is alleged that in 2008, at the age of 88, Dadaev finally confessed to being one of four imitators of Stalin. Basically it is not among politicians to play illusions with the masses.

For the political opponents of Buhari, the goal of playing the "Buhari's Jubrin" story is simple: if the Buhari who is now in office is not the same Buhari who has been elected to office, and if we actually call our president Sudanese, then there are legal and legitimate questions about the right of the "new" Buhari to govern. Even if they fail to dismiss him on the basis of such a narrative (which they most likely can not), this is part of the legitimacy of his candidacy for the 2019 election.

Buhari's handlers have generally dismissed the "Buhari is Jubrin" story as a problem that is not worthy of being rewarded with an answer. I feel that such a strategy is wrong. As long as such a story casts doubt on some people's minds, it can be said to succeed. As mentioned earlier, despite the papers submitted by Obama to refute the Birther movement's conspiracy theories, US polls in 2010 showed that 25 percent of adult Americans believe in one or more versions of the conspiracy theories. You'll imagine how many people would have believed that if Obama had simply ignored the Birther movement and its "weird" theories.

I think it is not enough for Buhari's handlers in particular and for the APC in general to dismiss the "Buhari is Jubrin" story with a wave of his hand. I think they should have refuted it a lot. Although refutations will never convince anyone, this would have inhibited the spread so much that history did not gain as much traction as it does today. I believe the APC made similar mistakes in the run-up to the 2015 election, when several negative stories about Buhari were circulating and gaining ground, and instead of strongly countering such stories with counter-narratives, the party resorted to great threats and only to Threats round to accuse the people of being "Buhari haters" when such negative stories were allowed to gain ground and acquire the togas of truth. There is a reason why politics is called war without bloodshed or "art of the possible". Only those who can stand the heat, get into the political kitchen. You do not stand by and believe that your candidate will be spared from political missiles for his assumed integrity. Campaign strategy 101 is that you never allow the negative definition of your adversary. Normally, politicians intentionally post false news or alternative facts, or lie in statistics – just to put their opponents in the defense and achieve short-term political miles. Everything is allowed in politics. And if you can not effectively and convincingly refute such allegations, it becomes part of the truths that are being held against your candidate.

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