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PEUGEOT presents the new Dongfeng PEUGEOT 508L at the Guangzhou International Motor Show (Guangzhou). From the 16th to the 25th of November visitors can discover this new brand interpretation of the D-segment sedan specially developed for the Chinese market at the Dongfeng PEUGEOT booth. In addition to this new Dongfeng PEUGEOT 508L, the audience will also see the PEUGEOT e-Legend Concept, the star of the last Paris car show, to be presented for the first time on the Asian continent. PEUGEOT also introduces a new brand signature to support Dongfeng PEUGEOT's ambition in this high-priority market for the brand.

The new Dongfeng PEUGEOT 508L embodies the brand's new flagship in a priority Chinese market for PEUGEOT. Our new signature, presented at the Guangzhou show, is part of our China offensive and reflects our commitment to put technology and experience at the center of our superior Chinese customer strategy.

New Dongfeng PEUGEOT 508L

The PEUGEOT 508 program was created to provide a global response to the D segment with a global ambition. The PEUGEOT 508 program will be offered in sedan and station wagon and will be equipped with three powertrains in the fall of 2019: petrol, diesel and PLUG-IN HYBRID petrol.

Dongfeng's new PEUGEOT 508L saloon, produced in China at Wuhan's plant, has been added to the worldwide PEUGEOT 508 program, with a specific version adapted to the Chinese market.

Its specific design is the result of close cooperation between the Lion Design teams and the China-based design teams.

The name 508L means "Luxury", "Long" and "Latest Technology *", according to the specific expectations of Chinese customers in terms of space, status and technology.

A must for the D-segment sedan in China. With the increase of the wheelbase by 55 mm, the space requirement was increased to a total of 2,848 mm. The total length now reaches 4,856 mm. (+ 100mm).

Accessibility has been optimized through the introduction of new frame-mounted doors to increase headroom. The conventional boot completes the elegance and attitude of this Chinese law model.

The new Dongfeng PEUGEOT 508L is based on Huawei's Connected Car solution and is the first in the series to benefit from the IoT OceanConnect platform.

The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® from the 508 World program provides an instinctive and stimulating driving experience. The PEUGEOT interior design is a true trademark. It combines a compact steering wheel, a large 10-inch HD touch screen and a customizable, digital 12.3-inch digital-resolution headset.

The new Dongfeng PEUGEOT 508L, marketed in the first quarter of 2019, will enhance the PEUGEOT range in China alongside the PEUGEOT 301, 308 and 408 saloons and the PEUGEOT 2008, 3008, 4008 and 5008 SUVs.

Technology of the newest generation

A new brand signature

Dongfeng PEUGEOT will unveil a new brand signature during the show:

感 · 为 心动. Feel your heart beat

Based on the values ​​of design, quality and technology, this new signature is intended to help Dongfeng PEUGEOT's endeavor to provide its customers with a comprehensive sensory experience for the brand and products.

It also aims to build a strong emotional bond with consumers, and fully supports the dynamism of Dongfeng PEUGEOT, which puts technology and experience at the center of its upscale strategy.

Feel your heart beating stronger

The PEUGEOT stand

In addition to the new Dongfeng PEUGEOT 508L, visitors will also find the new Dongfeng PEUGEOT 408, the 308 sedan and the Dongfeng PEUGEOT 4008 and 5008 SUVs on the stand.

The expected star of the Guangzhou International Motor Show is the PEUGEOT e-LEGEND concept car, which will be presented for the first time on the Asian continent.

A true technological demonstration of PEUGEOT's vision of an autonomous, connected, customizable and electric vehicle. It realistically embodies a radically optimistic and desirable future that is deeply rooted in the PEUGEOT genes.

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