What should have been done by a teacher whose lessons were picked by a second-grader

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We understand what means of punishment the teacher has based on this topic

The whole country is discussing a video from Komsomolsk-on-Amur: the teacher Tatyana Leskova beats up a 9-year-old boy in the school corridor. The investigative committee opened a criminal case, the school management suspended the teacher from the classes. Meanwhile, the parents of other children stood up to protect Tatyana Leskova: according to them, the injured boy is a real school thunderstorm.

I repent, I myself once committed a non-pedagogical act. When the son was in the third grade, they got a young, little-adequate character. He ran around during the break and poked at all the children with a ballpoint pen, from which the cap was removed. Any sane parent understands how dangerous such a “game” is – an instant, and the child is left without an eye or with damage to the carotid artery.

After classes, I recalled the boy in the schoolyard, started the corner of the building, lifted him by the collar and hissed:

– Once again you poke someone with a pen, and poke you so that you can’t go to school anymore!

More at recess with a pen at the ready he did not run.

But … “But” is that if at that moment the boy’s parents were near, I could easily have jailed. For the threat of life to a minor. And no explanation that the student is dangerous for classmates would not work. Such is the law. And it absolutely correctly protects children from dangerous adults. Because we are adults, we must have endurance, patience and an understanding of the characteristics of the child’s psyche.

So I in no way justify the teacher from Komsomolsk-on-Amur. You can not raise your hand to the child. No way.

But what, then, should an experienced teacher have to do if in her class there was such an uncontrollable eight-year-old? Absolutely I understand – he is worse than a splinter. He can stand in the middle of the lesson and begin to rush between the rows. Can arrange a fight with a neighbor. It can – again – indulge in a pen so that it is fit to grab the heart. And so he breaks down every lesson! And if there are several such children?

Now in schools, inclusion is when those who are diagnosed with serious diagnoses study with ordinary children. This may be a problem with the musculoskeletal system, and may be with the psyche. The diagnosis of ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Such children simply can not sit 45 minutes in one place. And if in a class of 35 people there are two or three?

The teacher can only go and drown in the near pond. But do not engage in assault!

I was consulted with Semyon Yankevich, Director of the Center for Educational Law at the Institute of Education, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

“Only persuasion, only conversations with parents,” he says. – It is necessary to explain to mom and dad that the child should be shown to the neurologist that he needs help, treatment.

“And if mom thinks the baby is alright?” Maybe she used to? Or does the boy break down in class, and at home – quieter than water, below the grass?

– Connect the head teacher, director. To force parents to conduct a survey is not allowed by law.

– And if he constantly breaks lessons? If it is simply dangerous, because at any moment it can push a classmate, poke him with the very ballpoint pen?

– All the same, only explanatory conversations …

– But you can also file a complaint with the guardianship? Moreover, not only from the school, but also from the parent committee …

– If the guardianship authorities find out that the child has an officially diagnosed diagnosis, but his parents do not treat him, they should sue such a mom and dad.

– And if treated, but there is no result?

– You can not do anything!

– I understand that no one wants to mess with the court, right?

– Yes, and the court is likely to be on the side of the parents, if the family is not marginal and there is no question of deprivation of parental rights. The court may decide to remove the child from the family when he is in danger. For example, when parents are Jehovah's Witnesses and refuse a child to have an operation, but the question is about life and death.

It turns out, in this situation, it remains only to accept and hope that the boy will outgrow? And parents wiser? But what about the program that you need to pass in the classroom?

Experienced school principals prompted me a humane way out. Parents of such a complex child can be offered to go for individual training. To make a plan. It would be good to conduct lessons in the presence of mom or dad. And to support such a proposal with the opinion of the parent committee of the class. Plus, of course, urge to hold medical consultations.


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