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Steering Audi Q7 squeal brakes says lawsuit
Audi Q7 drivers claim that the brakes squeal loud, squeak and scare spectators near the SUVs.

Audi Q7 squeal brakes have led to a lawsuit alleging that SUVs of the 2015-2018 model year SUVs are equipped with defective braking systems that cause loud noises that pose a safety risk.

The complaint alleges that squeaking and squeaking noises occur during normal driving when a driver depresses the brake pedal. According to the plaintiff, Audi is reported to know that the brakes on the Q7 are so loud that everyone on the road is only surprised by a driver pushing the brakes.

Plaintiff Valeria Mercado says she leased her Audi Q7 2017 in January 2017 for over $ 76,000 from a California Audi dealer. In May 2017, the brakes made a loud squeak and squeal as she pressed the brake pedal.

Mercado says that the sound had occurred, whether it was going forward or backward and was supposedly loud enough for her to hear when the windows were closed, while music was playing in Q7.

Mercado said she had informed the Audi dealer immediately about the loud brake noise and allegedly brought since May 2017 several times with the SUV to the dealer. The plaintiff claims the technicians once said the SUVs are too heavy for the brakes, but others said technicians did not know what the squeaking was.

The plaintiff says she also turned to Audi USA to resolve the loud brake noise. However, she was allegedly sent back to her dealer for answers.

According to the plaintiff, the dealer told her on 8 November, the affected brake parts for their Q7 are allegedly because of the high number of Audi Q7 owners who have the same squeaky braking problems.

Audi technicians allegedly told her they had no idea when to try to fix the brakes, but to this day Mercado says their SUV brakes still wake up the dead.

According to the proposed class action lawsuit, the drivers of the Audi Q7 have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the headache of the noisy brake noise of the luxury SUV.

"2018 Q7 has a strong brake squeal when reversing and gradual braking, and Audi USA and the dealership say this is" normal. "When I said," To whom? "OK, so it's not normal." Audi offends my intelligence by saying that this is normal. "

"I picked up my Audi and was told that it did not find anything wrong with my brakes, at the time the servant mentioned that other Q7 had something to do with the brakes but not my Q7 October 24, 2016 … Picked up on October 26, 2016, it seemed to be fine for a day, and then it was worse than ever before, so it went on duty on November 23, 2016, and checked it out on the 28th November 2016 nothing found with the brakes, conclusion, I brake! "

The Audi driver said he owned at least 20 new vehicles, but had never experienced anything like it.

"Talked to the GM Jeff Lee and will not fix it if we do not pay for it! Feel frustrated and cheated !!! Almost $ 90,000 spent with all the extras!"

The lawsuit alleges that the brake noise is so loud that pedestrians pay attention to the noise rather than focusing on other hazards. In addition, the plaintiff states that an expensive vehicle like the Q7 should by no means have such a problem.

Audi and its dealers are reportedly aware of the squeal of brake noise, as the automaker has sent at least three technical service bulletins to dealers, with all three TSBs dealing with squeal brakes.

The proposed class action lawsuit covers nearly 100,000 former and current owners and tenants of SUVs Audi Q7 2015-2018.

The Audi Q7's complaint against squeal brakes was filed with the US District Court for the Central District of California, Eastern Division. Valeria Mercado, et al., Against Audi of America, LLC, et al,

The claimant is represented by Ahdoot & Wolfson, P.C., Greg Coleman Law, and Whitfield, Bryson & Mason,

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