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Maxim was born in Shchuchinsk (Kazakhstan) on June 10, 1973. He graduated from school in 1990 and began his studies at the University of Yekaterinburg. Maxim received his education at the Faculty of Information Systems.

As a student, Yaritsa became a member of the Ural pelmeni KVN team, which was created by Dmitry Sokolov. He invited Maxim to play. Dmitry met Yaritsa at the party and decided that he would be suitable for his team. He persuaded Yaritsu for a long time, and finally, Maxim agreed.

Yaritsa got into the “Ural dumplings” in 1994, the team appeared a year before. According to Maxim, at first he was interested, he successfully played various characters, he invented scenes. Then he wanted to leave the team, but stayed.

Yaritsa Chashche plays businesslike, angry characters. In the issues devoted to the New Year, he becomes Santa Claus. Often on the stage, Max appears with Sergey Isaev. Yaritsa sings quite rarely, he has a not very good musical ear.

Having finished participating in KVN, the team began to go on tour. Then came the TV show "Ural dumplings", which has become a rating. One of the best viewers consider the number "French and Russian on vacation."

Maxim participates in all the shows and in the projects of the Ural dumplings. Yaritsa was the host of the show "Meat Purchase", played in the series. He also appeared in the projects “Comedy club”, “ProjectorParisHilton”.

In 2016, the show "Can not be in the window", "50 shades of tanned." Concerts are held in all major cities. In 2017, the program "Wash Weight of the mind", dedicated to sport. She was presented in a new tour. Sometimes Yaritsa leads anniversaries, weddings, but he does it for loved ones.

Ural Pelmeni is also engaged in charity. Maxim and other participants of the show transfer money to the fund “Live, baby”, they became sponsors of a social taxi for sick children. In 2017, Yaritsa and Rozhkov visited the Center for Cancer Patients.

Maxim has a wife named Tatyana, they got married in 2000. Tatyana shares her husband's hobbies, attends events organized by the team. Members of the "Ural dumplings" celebrate holidays together. Spouses have a daughter and a son, and they, like the father, also have a sense of humor.

Yaritsa himself doesn’t like questions about his personal life, he has no accounts in social networks. The family does not like to let strangers into their lives, does not publish general photos.

In his spare time, Maxim goes in for sports, attends a gym, a swimming pool. This allows him to stay in good physical shape. Together with him, the whole family is involved in sports.

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