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Tuesday things I

1. good. I decided that we had to move because I ran to the loft yesterday to take Christmas for a photo shoot, and there was a mouse. Looks right. Of course, in the 24 hours since this happened, I've created a vision in my mind of a 20-pound rat. Please give me all your tricks with the mouse. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

2. How adorable is that? Gingerbread house cake?

3. Boys! There are still three days to get a signed copy The pretty dish for the holidays. If you buy your books and send your mailing address and name to the Prettydishorders on gmail, I'll send you signed bookplates for the book. This is the best way to get signed copies for the holidays.

4. Speaking of vacation, I really want to decorate before I have Thanksgiving. In addition, I need 14 years to decorate myself with the kids everywhere.

5. This strange epiphany took place yesterday. Since I've had Emilia, I've been crazy to keep things clean. That sounds weird, and I think I should say that since I have two kids, a lot of clutter drives me crazy. I put two and two together last night and realized that maybe it's because babies and toddlers are so unpredictable and you can not control them. WHO CAN RELY? Side note: I fail to control the disorder.

6. Hamilton comes to Pittsburgh. I will not even tell you how long I've been waiting in the virtual line last week to get tickets.

7. Oh TV stuff this week! I feel like I did not see anything, but my favorite was a million little things. ONCE AGAIN. I know that I sound like a broken record, but I love it so much. Gray's was interesting and I'm just annoyed that it sucked me again. Ha.

8. Totally obsessed with it Look behind the scenes at such a memorable jingle.

9. I got a new iPhone and it made me officially feel that I'm 96 years old. I can not understand it, the absence of the Home button kills me and I'm thinking of switching to a flip phone. Joke on the last part. Type of.

10. Oh like us Dear Ina,

11. P.S. These are the chocolate crumble cookies from the above book. I always forget how good they really are.

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