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Cranberries destroy bacteria that cause decay and inflammation of the gums. But the growth of beneficial bacteria in our organisms, on the contrary, contributes. Cranberry is an excellent tonic that enhances brain activity. A couple of glasses of fruit drink per day, and the mood with the performance will increase many times!

There is one thing: cranberry juice should not be used by people who have stomach ailments. Cranberry juice can cause aggravation of gastritis, as it increases acidity in the stomach. The rest of the cranberry juice will only benefit.

You will need the following products for the preparation of morse:

· Cranberries (frozen or fresh) – 500 g;

· Water – 2–2.5 l;

· Sugar – 250-350 g

This recipe is wonderful because it is useful at any time of the year. Pass the cranberries through the juicer. Mix the resulting juice with water in a saucepan. Add sugar and bring to a boil. Ten minutes later, the juice can be removed from the stove and cooled.

Sugar can be replaced by honey.

Drink hot juice during a cold, it will help strengthen the work of antibiotics with which you are being treated. And you will recover much faster!

Mash the berries with a wooden stupa or spoon to a state of mashed potatoes. Squeeze the juice from the resulting puree through cheesecloth. Make it in small portions, not all at once.

Mix the remaining squeeze with water and repeat the same several times until you squeeze out the most valuable of the berries.

You should have a concentrated cranberry juice. Add sugar and mix well. Dilute with water (2.5 liters).

Morse is ready! If you want to use it in healing properties, then reheat. And if you want to quench their thirst, you can add a sprig of mint and ice.

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