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A Nigerian actor, Aremu Afolayan has blasted President Buhari, Ambode and Ethiopian Airlines after suffering at the airport.

Aremu Afolayan
Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Ethiopian Airlines and Murtala Muhammed Airport officials for frustrating travelers.
Yoruba actor expressed displeasure with the "unprofessional attitude" of immigration officials at the airport.
He questioned why immigration officials would conclude that they were fake without even making attempts to verify.
In the video, a visibly angry Aremu said: "First of all, in my entire life, I have never seen a country as useless as this country in my entire life. How can I get to the airport? You are not allowed to come in because of security [issues]?
"What security do you have in Nigeria? Tell me the security? If the bad people are going to come to this airport, will not they destroy the airport? What security? They should fire all those useless immigration bastards or whoever they are on that door step. Why do I want to go to the airport? It is so frustrating and alarming. When are you going to change everything? What is wrong with you people?
My sister is about to travel. She is not a citizen of Nigeria. Her French passport is given to her by the French embassy and you are telling me the passport is fake. How can you say a passport is fake when you can verify the passports from your f ** king office? Why do you do this to Nigerians? Are we all that stupid and dumb? Is it because we did not go to school?
"Why do you frustrate everybody here? And you call yourself a president of a country and you can not do anything to your country? Why are you people to be frustrated? Why do I give immigration money for crying out loud? Why do people want to come to the airport? Why do you have to have this to happen and call yourself a f ** king Buhari? Who are you? What kind of president are you? What kind of mayor of a state are you Ambode or whoever is there? Who are you crying out loud? Why can not you find a solution to the situation in Nigeria? What is wrong with you people? Why do you cause trouble and cause somebody pain?
"Ethiopian Airlines is the most rubbish airline in the world. Why would not you pick someone to pay them?
"You are all bastards including the mayor, the president and the airline. All of you are bastards for frustrating us. We are not animals. Look at the airport you built; it is not even up to a train station. There is no A / C in the elevator. Nothing. Shame on you and shame on all your government. Shame on all the people you've governed and can not talk. Aye gbogbo yin o ni da. "
Watch the video below:

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