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Daniel Sturridge was charged with misconduct by the Football Association for violating the betting rules.

The Liverpool striker was made available until November 20 to respond to the prosecution claiming he violated the FA's betting rules in January this year.

A statement from the Football Association was:

"Daniel Sturridge has been charged with misconduct in January 2018 for alleged violations of the FA's betting rules, particularly in relation to Rule E8 (1) (a) (ii) and Rule E8 (1) (b). Tuesday 20 November In 2018, he has until 6:00 pm to answer the charges.

Rule E8 (1) (a) – A Participant may not, directly or indirectly, betting or instruct, allow, cause or promote any person to (i) determine the outcome, progress, conduct or any other aspect of or occurrence in or in connection with a football match or competition; or (ii) any other matter relating to or related to football around the world, including, without limitation, transfer of players, executive employment, selection of teams or disciplinary matters.

"Rule E8 (1) (b) – if a competitor makes available to another person information about the football that the competitor has attained by virtue of his position in the game and which is not publicly available at that time, the competitor violates that rule if this information is used by or for the other person for or in connection with betting. "

Sturridge is alleged to have breached a rule for a period when he appeared for both Liverpool and the West Brom lending club, although no specific details of the indictment were published by the Board.

A spokesman for Liverpool said: "Daniel has made his full and unambiguous collaboration throughout the process, assuring the club that he will continue to do so.

"Daniel has also stated categorically that he has never played football. As with any such issue, we will allow the process to be completed before any further comments are made. "

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